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It's Lemon Season & Ina Garten Has 13 Must-Try Recipes Featuring Our Favorite Spring Fruit

Visually, spring brings vibrant blooms and clear blue skies. But in a more gustatory sense, spring has us craving equally as bright fruits and veggies, from earthy, raw carrots and sweet, juicy apples to tart, mouth-puckering lemons — the latter of which we’re most excited to embrace this season in our very own kitchens. And who better to turn to for lemon-spiked recipes than the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten?

Garten, who has authored more than one dozen cookbooks, is a seemingly never-ending resource for approachable, down-to-earth, delicious recipes, which range from savory appetizers and one-pan weeknight dinners to sweet, irresistible desserts. And after doing a deep dive into Garten’s many, many dishes, it’s no surprise we were met with dozens of lemon recipes.

From thirst-quenching lemon cocktails and rich-and-creamy lemon mashed potatoes to juicy skillet-roasted lemon chicken and her famous, lemon barsahead are Garten’s very best lemon recipes.

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