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Is Broccoli Coffee the Next Popular Health Food Trend?

Cauliflower has found its way into smoothies, rice bowls, and more. But now, it’s broccoli that’s causing a stir—in your coffee.

The concept of broccoli coffee was developed in Australia by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and Hort Innovation. “With a rising trend in healthy eating across the board, Australian growers are always looking at ways to diversify their products and cut waste while meeting consumer demand,” Hort Innovation chief executive John Lloyd said in a press release, later adding, “Research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day, and options such as broccoli powder will help address this.”

The beverage’s creators told the website Science Alert that the drink has received mixed reviews from the Melbourne coffee shop that’s been serving it.

To make broccoli coffee, the vegetable is dried, ground into a fine powder, and scooped into your coffee. And while it’s no sugar replacement, stirring the nutrient-rich powder into your cup of Joe does have its benefits: two tablespoons pack approximately one serving of vegetables. Not only that, it’s a great way to use “ugly” veggies that might not sell in grocery stores.

Health’s contributing nutrition editor Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, tells us we should consider getting on board with this trend.

“I like the idea of a product like this being used to reduce food waste and provide a simple way to add a serving of veggies, especially a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli, which is among the most protective against both heart disease and cancer, our two leading causes of death,” she says. “Attempting to add it to coffee makes sense, because it’s something most people already drink daily, and one of the best ways to create healthy change is to piggyback onto an existing habit.”

Not ready to part with your go-to coffee order? Sass suggests mixing it into other drinks or foods you consume regularly.

“If you just can’t stomach the idea of adding broccoli powder to your coffee, try another option, like whipping it into a smoothie, adding it to overnight oats along with fruit, or adding it to mashed avocado as a topping for nearly anything,” she says.

Environmentally-friendly, veggie-packed, and caffeinated? We’ll take one large broccoli cappuccino to go, please.

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