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Interval fasting with ADF, 5:2 and 16:8: What is the shape helps the most with weight loss

One who fasts for more than 14 hours, or a day, and prevent diseases, as a just-published study shows. FOCUS Online spoke with the researcher about the forms and effects of the interval fasting – fast weight loss of up weight keep, healthy liver, and for Diabetes.

Interval fasting is so intermittent fasting works, that is indisputable. The renunciation of food over many hours or single days can trigger a variety of processes in the organism and the cell. The first of these is the metabolism. He usually runs like this: “If we constantly eat in between calorie, sugar-containing drinks to us, switched the metabolism to the burning of carbohydrates. The carbohydrate metabolism is the preferred, as the least energy-consuming,“ says Annette Schürmann, head of Department at the German Institute for nutritional research (DIfE) and speaker of the German center for diabetes research (DZD).

The interval fasting, the body switches metabolism to fat burning

The body switches to fat metabolism, when the energies are depleted from the food supply and the Glukogen stores are depleted in the liver and the muscles. This is happening fast, after many hours, at the most about 14 to 16 hours. “This can be each time a little different, because the metabolism is different for each individual,” says the Professor.

Runners or other endurance athletes know this phenomenon, which occurs already after about half an hour. Do you feel that as a small power deep, to feel hypoglycemic. After that, the body switches to burning fat. Energy from fat, the Declaration of the save provided and the begins to Decrease – this is why with intermittent fasting, weight reduce lets.

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Cells regenerate during fasting

In addition, the long fasting triggers a particularly valuable process, Autophagy. “This is sort of a self-recycling and cleaning of the cells,” says Annette Schürmann. Between-products of fat synthesis, be converted to broken down, the repair mechanisms of the cell are stimulated, faulty and old cell components to new, functional.

Insulin sensitivity increases significantly

But in the interval other effects of fasting: “liver, muscles and fat tissues more sensitive to Insulin, which prevents long-term Diabetes,” reports the researcher has carried out on this topic several studies.

Fatty liver and pancreas a rest proven

In addition, the intermittent results fasting that fat stores are metabolized in the liver. A fatty liver has in Germany, approximately every third to fourth adults over 40 years. Cause of fatty liver wrong and too much food, alcohol and lack of exercise are.

These risk factors also lead to the pancreas is burdened with more and more people. It fat cells form when the islets of Langerhans that produce the Insulin. If a lot of fat will have formed cells, affects the insulin production of the islets of Langerhans, which may increase the risk of diabetes.

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Prevent Diabetes

A new study by Annette Schürmann and colleagues has examined how interval fasting this mechanism is influenced by: there Are already Overweight and a risk of diabetes, builds strict interval from fasts of this pancreatic fat are significantly, the risk of diabetes decreases demonstrably the result with mice, but it must be for the people yet to be confirmed. The study is published in the current issue of the journal Metabolism. Interval fasting had not only a favorable effect on the fatty liver but also the fat in the pancreas and prevents Diabetes, even if you already have the diabetes risk was significantly increased.

Various forms of interval fasting, from strict to moderate

There are different variations of how the interval can be fast to perform. It is not only on what is individually perceived to be the most comfortable and suitable for everyday use, but also, and especially, on the targets to be achieved by the Individual. In the current study, the researchers worked with a particular Form of interval fasting, the strict interval of fasting.

ADF every other day fasting: Against fatty liver, and for those who want to lose a lot of weight

Alternate-day fasting, abbreviated to ADF “is the very first and original Form of interval fasting,” says Annette Schürmann. This does not mean that fasting every second day strictly to take more than 600 kilo-calories to drink much, especially water, but also tea and coffee. Useful this diet is, if the doctor has already been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and/or diabetes risk.

“ADF is the most effective way to fast”, so the judgment of the expert. Recommends it Overweight that want to lose weight, such as 20 kilograms.

In about two to three months, most have achieved your goal with this method. “For a lot longer this strict diet does not perform, then it is slow to take off, to keep later on the desired weight and that is why the other forms of the interval have been developed fasting,” she explains further.

5:2 interval to a fast – slow slimming

Both are possible, if two days per week were not fasting, so the amount of calories burned is about 600. Five days may not normally be eaten, but not the one in the ‘ days of saved calories should be reversed. “The overall balance of the calories would remain the same, and the decreasing effect is thus given, in my opinion,” says Annette Schürmann. However, pancreas and liver will benefit from the fast days, as well as metabolism and Cell regeneration.

16:8 – and remove the liver protect

A modified Form of the interval are fasting, limited food breaks of at least 14 hours, some are extending it to 19. The most common application of this Time-Restricted Eating (TRE) is fasting the 16-hour. “Is recommended for those who have a fatty liver or a risk of diabetes, in addition, you can reduce a little Overweight,” reports the scientist.

But, what meals you will should swipe it – early dinner / late-riser Breakfast – so according to the individual biorhythm? “The assumption is, however, a lot of studies have shown that Dinner cancelling is much more effective as a Breakfast-cancelling”. However, the absence of the dinner is the undisputed heavy, also because it has a strong social aspect – many couples and families only at this time and then eat together. So who can make the dinner not be and would like to, should delete the Breakfast and eat late lunch – this is definitely much better than to eat almost constantly, so main meals and frequent snacking, as do the many.

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One day per week fast and keep the weight

The mildest Form is the single fasting day in a week. When it comes to not gaining weight, is the ideal. The only fast day of the week up to 600 pounds are allowed calories. “Some fasting, however, completely, for example if you know that you could stop when you eat something,” says the expert, based on Reports. Other food on the fasting day some vegetables, yogurt, or some whole-grain bread, which can vary.

This diet is easy to perform and has an additional positive effect on health: The day of fasting give the body the important break, so his cells are able to carry out Autophagy, and also liver and pancreas a rest.

Conclusion: Any Form of intermittent fasting works so, overall, a positive impact on the health and balance of Weight. Depending on the length of meal breaks and number of fasting days with interval weight fast to keep permanent, reliable, or even massively reduce it. Particularly positive effects, the interval has to be fasting on the liver, the pancreas, and, ultimately, to every cell because it triggers the Autophagy, the self-cleaning and Regeneration of the cell. This interval prevents fasting diseases and it is not an exaggeration, he has Anti-Aging attribute effect.

If 16:8 or 5:2: Five tips, with the interval fast hold