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Instant Pot Now Makes an Electric Kettle and People Love It

Instant Pot has a loyal fan base who love to chat about their beloved multi cooker’s capabilities on social media groups.

Well, the company has a new product that will likely please fans: Instant Pot Zen 1.5L Electric Kettle. This model retails for $105, and you’re probably wondering whether it’s actually worth the splurge.

Here’s why fans say the kettle is worth the cost: You can set a specific temperature between 105°F to 212°F to boil water, which is vital for tea and coffee aficionados. Certain herbal teas, for example, are best brewed at lower temperatures. Temperature is also vital for pour-over coffee, which is best enjoyed at 200 degrees, according to Peets Coffee.

Plus, you can whip up oatmeal, coffee, or tea in minutes using the Quick Boil setting, which brings water to a boil super fast with the touch of a button. The Keep Warm function prevents water from getting cold, meaning you don’t have to re-heat the entire kettle.

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According to one reviewer this is an “amazing tea kettle.” They write, “OK, $100 for a tea kettle seemed high, but I am a big tea drinker. I have had this thing a couple days now and must say it’s well worth the price. Boils water very fast, keeps it hot for hours, and quiet. I have tea-ready boiling water sitting all day to use as required.”

Another Amazon reviewer raves that this kettle is worth the cost. “There are a lot of cheaper kettles out there, but this is by far worth the investment if you are a frequent kettle user. It heats up pretty quick and one of my favorite features is that the outside isn’t hot to the touch at all (extra perfect when you have toddlers in the house!).”

So, if you’re a fan of Instant Pot and an avid tea drinker, it may be time for a new kettle.

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