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Good for memory, health, virility: Why should you every day eat nuts – Video

As fat Calories nuts were frowned upon for a long time. However, according to various research results, can extend certain varieties of the life and in men the semen is significantly improved.

Nuts are notorious for their high fat content as fattening. Studies, however, show that they affect our health positively.

Reduce risk for heart disease

A handful of nuts a day, for example, may our lives extend. This is the conclusion of researchers from the Imperial College in London. For this you have carried out an intensive analysis of various studies. The risk to get a heart disease decreases, according to the researchers, 30 per cent, if someone is eating daily nuts. The risk of cancer reduces by 15 percent.

Improve memory

Our memory can benefit from nuts. A study by the Loma Linda University found out in California. Many nut varieties are therefore a positive effect on the brain. Pistachios, for example, are particularly good tools for Learning.

Strengthen The Immune System

The California researchers also found that peanuts can strengthen the immune system and for a deeper sleep.

Improve quality of sperm

Even men with desire to have children could benefit from nuts, because they may improve the quality of your sperm. The researchers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. According to the researchers, it will take of daily nut consumption for two weeks, until improvements are shown. Then, the sperm count rises to 14 percent and sperm motility improved by six percent.

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