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Foods That Have More Fibre Than an Apple

A daily medium-sized apple and its 4.4 grams of fibre might keep the doctor away (at least according to the saying). But it can also get boring fast. Here are five surprising foods that’ll net you even more of that satiating nutrient.

A single cup of chickpeas contains 16 grams of fiber—almost four times what’s in an apple! We’re sold.

Here’s another reason to eat more avocados: Half of one contains an impressive 6.75 grams of fibre. Remove the pit and eat it raw, or better yet, spread the green stuff on a slice of toast.

Don’t pass these up at the pub! Half a cup of peanuts has 6.2 grams of fibre. If you’re eating them at home, try the nuts with chili powder for an explosion of yummy flavor.

If you can’t resist the sweet taste of fruit—but aren’t in the mood for an apple—grab a pear. Each medium-sized one is loaded with 5.5 grams of fiber. Eat it raw, or try one of these six pear recipes.

Navy Beans
One cup of these beans contains 19.1 grams of the nutrient. Toss them into a super-satisfying breakfast burrito, or throw some on a salad.

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