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Food Network Star Giada De Laurentiis Answers All of Our Most Burning Holiday Questions

We love Giada De Laurentiis all year long, but her holiday recipes and tips are truly priceless. Sure, the Italian-American cook is known for her fresh and bright flavors that are inspired by Italy, but her comfort food recipes might be even more delicious than her summer fare. Just look at her prosciutto-wrapped turkey recipe, and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Last year, the Food Network star and cookbook author shared a bunch of brilliant holiday cooking and hostess tips with SheKnows, and this year, she’s come back to answer some burning questions we just had to ask her.

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De Laurentiis didn’t hold back. Not only did she tell us about several holiday recipes she loves (struffoli, the Italian version of croquembouche, might even be on our tables this year), but she also shared some things she actually doesn’t enjoy during the holidays. If you love sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallow fluff, or prefer your green beans from a can, then, well, we’ve got bad news.

De Laurentiis also dished on some of her favorite Christmas traditions with her daughter Jade, her favorite holiday cookie (they’re ugly, but so delicious), and even some holiday decor ideas. She also played a fun game of this or that with us. Does De Laurentiis prefer holiday sweaters, or matching holiday jammies? What about sledding or ice skating? We loved being able to sit down with De Laurentiis to get to know her a bit better, and as usual, her answers did not disappoint.

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