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Costco's Ultimate Easter Dessert Is Finally Back in the Bakery

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Easter is one of our favorite holidays, and we’ll be honest — that has a lot to do with the food. We may be adults, but you bet we’re stocking up on Easter candy like chocolate bunny rabbits, jelly beans, and mini eggs to snack on. We’re also excited for Easter dinner, but we never know what to serve for dessert. Luckily, this year we found a shortcut that means we don’t have to bake anything, and it won’t break the bank either: Costco has brought back their mini carrot cakes just in time for Easter.

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These moist mini carrot cakes are made with real carrots, and are filled with walnuts and raisins for extra pops of texture and flavor. They’re frosted with a lemony cream cheese icing, and each one is topped with a cute little carrot made of frosting.

Instagram user CostContessa spotted six-packs of these Costco mini carrot cakes for $9.99, which honestly probably costs less than the ingredients you would need to buy to make a dessert for six people from scratch. Never mind that it saves you the hassle of trying to pipe decorative carrots that don’t just look like orange blobs. Grab a pre-made Easter basket while you’re at Costco, and they’ve basically done all of the holiday’s work for you.

The fact that these mini carrot cakes are individual-sized means you don’t have to worry about a whole cake going stale before you manage to finish it. It also makes them convenient to share, or for adding to your kids’ lunches as a special seasonal treat. 

Just grab your Costco membership card and head to the bakery section to stock up on this seasonal sweet before it’s gone.

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