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Aussie Radio Presenter Abby Coleman Has Turned To 101 Wellbeing Program To Fall Pregnant

Brisbane Hit105 presenter, Abby Coleman, has revealed that she’s started the controversial 101 Wellbeing Program in a bid to conceive her third child.  

The intense diet – followed by the likes of Eddie McGuire, Malcolm Turnbull and Zoe Marshall – involves extreme fasting, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and massage.

The 35-year-old told The Courier Mail that she is struggling to fall pregnant and that she suffered a miscarriage between the birth of her two sons, Finlay, 5, and Jagger, 3.

“I do want to have a third (child) and I just haven’t had any luck with it. It hasn’t been a good year,” Abby said.

“I just felt that I needed some sort of cleanse … from minimal sleep, getting up early in the morning relying on coffee, I eat way too much and I drink too much alcohol.”

She revealed on-air that she had lost 8kgs during the first two weeks, which involved consuming only water, black tea and a specific herbal combination.

“It’s totally crazy, I get it. I know it’s controversial,” she said.

“If I were doing it for weight loss I don’t think that’s a healthy answer.”

“Day 4 I woke up dry retching and I thought what am I doing. But from day 5 I didn’t feel hungry and everything started feeling really good.”

The 12-week detox program, designed by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Dr Shuquan Liu, costs between AUD $4000 to $8000 and is purported to help you feel healthier, lose weight, sleep better, relieve chronic pain and reduce fatigue.

But Abby advised listeners to consult a doctor before attempting it themselves.

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