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Aldi Is Selling Ready-to-Eat French Pancakes That Make the Perfect Quick Breakfast for Kids

For some reason, kids tend to move slower than the line for Taylor Swift concert tickets in the morning. This could be their personality (read: dreading school) or they could just be naturally slow; either way, it’s frustrating for parents who are trying to get them up, dressed, ready, fed, and out the door before first bell. That’s why Aldi’s latest bakery item has us drooling. It looks amazing, plus it’s super quick for those early mornings. You can even pass them out in the school drop-off line if need be!

“I’m all about easy and these sound so perfect for those fast mornings with the kids,” Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of Aldi’s new French pancakes from the Bake Shop. “Also French pancakes sounds so classy and delicious!!!”

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In the photo, @aldi.mademedoit is holding up a bag from Aldi’s famous bakery — their croissants are to-die-for! — labeled French Pancakes To Go. It features a stack of fluffy pancakes on the front, topped with strawberries and blueberries. This sealed bag comes with eight pre-wrapped packages of pancakes, each one a bundle of light deliciousness that you just have to open and eat. No warming up frozen pancakes (or creating your own batter!) required.

If you have time to load them with berries and butter and syrup, go for it! If not, these are great to grab and go in the car and let kids eat on their way to school.

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Instagram user @ohheyaldi also posted about this Bake Shop item. “Easy like school mornings 🎶,” she joked in her caption. “#saidnomomever 🥞 $3.99 Bake Shop French Pancakes.”

$3.99 for eight breakfasts? Sounds pretty good to us! And if your kids don’t like them (or you don’t want to share!), that’s fine, too. Aldi’s new pancakes a perfect treat for nibbling on during your commute to work.

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