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More and more people can imagine a life without meat. The news Agency spoton news tells Broke diet expert Dr. Petra, what are the benefits of a meat-free life brings, such as increased meat consumption affects health and why a Vegan and a vegetarian is a "happy and contented Leben" lead.

Here is the book "Clear-text nutrition: The answers to all the important Fragen" Dr. Petra Bracht order. (Display)

Many consumers are rethinking their consumption of meat. What are the health side effects of a meat-rich diet?

Done: Even if it is a lot of people don’t want to hear, there are unfortunately very many. First of all, it weakens the immune system. The Lack of fiber, for a healthy Microbiome is essential, is the main reason.

"Already small amounts of meat calories lead to steady Gewichtszunahme"

In addition, meat is a disease due to the high proportion of fat for the development of Obesity and the consequent diseases, such as age, diabetes, heart disease and also various cancer responsible. Already small amounts of meat calories, by both red as well as white meat, run to fat increased abdominal and to cause Permanent weight gain and steady.

You should emphasize meat, in the future, completely from the dining plan?

Done: If you look for a purely plant-based diet decides, that would certainly be perfect, not only for the health of each Individual, but also for the health of this earth. But small exceptions up to five percent of the food that you eat, the healthy body can handle without problems. Only a sick body should strictly refrain from eating meat, to recover as quickly as possible. Already a reduction of three times a day to once a day would be progress.

It show, so after only a few days without meat first effects?

Done: Already after 24 hours of not eating meat changes the gut flora towards a better and healthier bacterial diversity. This immediately has a positive effect on the immune system.

"The "fleischlose" Man has more power and crystal-clear Denken"

The digestion is improved, the sleep quality, chronic inflammation, heal, as, for example, in the case of rheumatic diseases, the belly fat soaked and also the chronic fatigue adopted slowly. Even the elevated blood sugar improves. Many patients report a growing new ease – both physically and mentally.  

What are the benefits of a meat-free diet also?

Done: The "fleischlose" Man lives ten years longer, become ill much less the modern civilization diseases, is rarely plagued by Obesity and also mentally stable. Interestingly, he has much more energy and crystal clear Thinking. Most of the time he smokes less or not at all and is a total health conscious, which makes a lot of sense. Because health is the prerequisite for a happy and contented life.

To what extent does a meat-free diet on the Psyche?

Done: Since the immune system to about 80 percent in the digestive tract is home to and work closely with our brain is linked, the influence is very large. Because a healthy Microbiome produces much more happiness hormones in the gut as a sick. In General, the entire hormone production is optimized not only in the brain, but also in the intestine.

"The plant-based diet is a base to durchbrechen&quot to causes of mental symptoms;

Especially in the case of psychological problems such as anxiety, mood fluctuations, but also to Stress, is a predominantly plant-based diet is an essential Basis of the causes of psychological symptoms on the physical level to break through.

A lot of worry in the case of a vegetarian or vegan diet is to not take enough nutrients, such as protein – a legitimate concern?

Done: No. The plant-based diet offers a wide range of the best sources of Protein, without all the side effects caused by meat. Excellent sources of protein are legumes, such as lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas, soy, Lupine, valuable nuts, but also whole grain cereals.

"Meat as the best source of Protein is still anchored Mythos"

That meat should be the optimal source of Protein is an often-anchored myth, however, will be conducted by any qualified nutritional knowledge to the point of absurdity.

What to look for in a meat-free diet is particularly?

Done: Exactly as in the case of the mixed diet is to make sure that we varied feed. A daily Serving of fruit, vegetables, salads, legumes, nuts, herbs and spices to ensure an optimal supply with all the necessary nutrients. To Vitamin B12, which must be substituted by vegans always.

Meat substitute products like Tofu are a good or maybe even better Alternative to meat?

Done: Tofu is great meat substitute. However, it is also like the meat of it, how it is seasoned, marinated, and prepared. Even the manufacture of meat replacement products are quite a Alternative, in order to facilitate the way in which a plant-based diet world.

About Petra Bracht

Petra Bracht is specialized since more than 30 years in the areas of nutrition and pain. Her work "Plain Text Ernährung" (Display), which she has written together with Claus leitzmann, Emeritus Professor of nutritional Sciences, has just been published – with a plea for meat-free and purely vegetable diet.

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