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Scentbird Expands Its Namesake Brands to Lip Balm

Scentbird is leveraging its strength in fragrances to expand into other categories with its own namesake line of products. The latest is the debut of lip balms launching this week that move the company into the facial beauty business.The Scentbird Melting Lip Balm Collection features a patented metal applicator that delivers a cooling effect on lips. Scentbird chief executive officer and cofounder Mariya Nurislamova admitted lip balm is a crowded category, but she said Scentbird’s launch has a new twist.“Since we are constantly looking to innovate, the metal applicator on our lip balms helps to cool dry lips while also enhancing circulation. Luckily, women don’t have to finish one lip balm to be tempted to try another. I’m very picky as far as lip balms go and find most formulas on the market drying so we went through dozens of formula iterations to ensure 100 percent comfort on the lips.”Keeping with the DNA of the brand, the lip balms are scented featuring Pink Champagne, Raw Honey, Green Tea and Modern Rose. “Our platform gives us a unique inside scoop into consumer scent preferences, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of the product development process. Similar to all of our previous launches, consumer data was instrumental in bringing about this collection,” Nurislamova said. Prices start at $14.95 per month for subscribers and $18 for à la carte shoppers.The game plan is to market the lip balm initiation through “This is very much by design. We want our customers to have a first look at everything we create. Our community is the best launch pad we could ask for – passionate about beauty and fragrance and very vocal,” said Nurislamova. “Our site is built around reviews and customer feedback, which allows us to quickly determine what products would become longtime staples and which ones would have to be discontinued after one season.”Scentbird’s original platform was developed to offer  perfume and cologne fans a way to discover new fragrances by way of a monthly subscription service. Over time, the brand organically cultivated a fragrance community where users interact with one another and also provide the brand with usable consumer feedback. From these insights, the founders of Scentbird decided it was optimal timing to unveil its own line of scented products, harnessing the scent expertise to deliver complementary products that their subscribers desired. To date, the brand has launched hand creams, soy-based candles and a line of shower products.  They are all paraben-, sulfate- and cruelty-free.Scentbird is gearing up for rapid expansion in 2018. In addition to building its direct model, brand partners are playing a bigger role. “We’re now able to utilize key analytics from the Scentbird site and provide our partners with usable data that they can then ultimately integrate in their own marketing. As we grow our brand partner network, we can work to build a new avenue for brands to talk directly to a highly engaged millennial audience, in an industry that’s seeing a lot of change,” Nurislamova said.  Because the company digs deep in numbers, it is able to share insights with brand partners, such as consumer purchasing behaviors, significant conversion rates by way of social media posts, email newsletters, and showcasing them as the fragrance of the month.Just in the last year, Scentbird signed on over 20 brand partnerships including Coty, LVMH, Butterfly Beauty, Parlux and Commodity, she said.The fragrance business is brimming with launches with Scentbird seeing more than 1,200 new scents per year. “Additionally, technology is allowing personalization at a scale that was never possible before,” Nurislamova said. She maintained that Scentbird has an edge over physical competitors. “Scentbird offers brand partners a digital discovery platform for consumers who are truly interested in fragrance, so their brand can be seen and their messaging read which creates a way for brands to break through the clutter.”

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