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Prada Resort 2019 Backstage Beauty

“It’s a nod to the Nineties,” agreed Pat McGrath and Guido Palau, the lead makeup artist and hairstylist, respectively, backstage at Prada’s resort 2019 show. Both took inspiration from a downtown, grunge aesthetic and added in an element of sophistication for a polished look.McGrath wanted to give the models an “imperfectly perfect” look, focusing mainly on the eyes.“It’s a young girl that’s done the most impeccable eye makeup and then she washed it off,” she said on the look. She first used the Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner, Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil and Mthershp Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette from her namesake brand on the eyes, and then had the makeup swiped off roughly with a wet wipe, leaving behind eye makeup residue that was reinforced with black eyeliner and a generous coating of mascara on the lashes. Skin was kept fresh and Lip Fetish Lip Balm was used on the lips.For hair, Palau brought the Nineties back with streaky blonde highlights.“Mrs. Prada was talking about a time back in the Nineties when girls had a lot of personality and brought their own style to fashion,” said Palau, who keyed hair for Redken. “She had all of these references and she liked this idea of random placement of color in the hair, like a bad way of putting in color where it really clashes with your hair and it’s not meant to look natural, so that’s the fashion statement.”To create the streaky look, Palau fastened colored hair extensions throughout models’ hair in an even manner and then used hairspray and a finishing spray to make a messy side part.Nails, which were keyed by Jin Soon Choi, took inspiration from the collection with six colors painted in a graphic stripe.“It’s a vibrant, crazy resort look,” Choi said about the fake nails, which she hand-painted individually and pressed onto the models’ nails. Each nail was given a graphic striped pattern featuring one of the six colors seen in the collection. Some models had nails that matched their clothing, while others sported different colors. One nail on each hand featured Prada’s logo, which Choi applied like a water decal. The base of each nail was Choi’s Sandbar shade, which is a nude hue.

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