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ModiFace Brings AI to Pinterest

ModiFace, which was acquired by L’Oréal last month as the company delves deeper into technology, is now lending a virtual hand to Pinterest users.The social platform, which is used by 200 million people per month searching for ideas, has launched a new beauty personalization feature powered by ModiFace’s artificial intelligence technology. Like many moves in the beauty industry, the feature helps bring beauty to women of all complexions.According to Pinterest, 70 percent of those who visit the site are hunting for new styles and looks. But, with more than 100 billion pins to explore, it can be challenging to pinpoint the beauty styles that match skin tones. Pinterest reported that feedback showed there were those who said they couldn’t find what they were looking for in regard to hair or beauty ideas.“Today our search results aren’t as inclusive as they should be, which is why we’re taking this first step,” says Omar Seyal, Pinterest’s head of discovery. “The beauty content is there, and the skin tone ranges feature allows it to be easily surfaced when a pinner wants it. The next step is to learn what pins people are engaging with in those ranges so that we can eventually incorporate those pins into more prominent spaces.”To that end, this week Pinterest is introducing a more personal and inclusive method to search. Now users can customize the Pinterest search by skin tone range. To help classify skin tones associated with more than 100 billion pins efficiently, Pinterest is harnessing the expertise of ModiFace. Pinterest used ModiFace’s Face AI technology to analyze pins and find the relevant skin tone. Pinterest and ModiFace worked on several iterations of the algorithm, making the result better and more accurate with each successive iteration, according to Parham Aarabi, chief executive officer of ModiFace.“Leveraging our AI capability to make search on Pinterest more personal and useful makes a great deal of sense,” said Aarabi.ModiFace has ambitiously added new wrinkles to its offer. In February, Samsung announced that all upcoming Galaxy S9 phones would be powered by ModiFace’s AR technology.

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