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Milk Makeup's New Kush Brow Gel Is Really Good, and I Have the Photos to Prove It

There are two seemingly-unrelated things that most people are obsessed with: eyebrows and marijuana. Now, they are about to become one with Milk Makeup's latest launch. After successfully tricking out our lashes with its CBD oil-infused Kush Mascara, Milk Makeup took it one step further to introduce Kush Brow Gel, the next product in the brand's CBD-laced line. It may sound odder than the pairing of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson — yet, it works.

The Kush brow gel comes in four shades: Hydro (clear), Haze (blonde), Dutch (medium), and Grind (black-brown). As far as brow gels go, this is a thick and creamy one. The formula contains CBD-infused cannabis oil to condition your little brow hairs, as well as tinted heart-shaped fibers that cling onto both your brow hair and the skin behind it for a thickening and volumizing effect. It's a bit like a hair mask for your brows that just happens to be tinted.

My brows with nothing on them

Swiping it on is definitely a less-is-more situation. I used the shade Grind and found that I really only needed to swipe it lightly through my brows once for noticeably darker and thicker-looking eyebrows. When I really dragged the little spoolie applicator through, I could define my brows by drawing the tinted gel onto my skin, which was pretty cool. Normally, if I use a brow gel I always use a pencil to define and elongate the ends of my brows a bit. With this, I could do that by carefully using the tip of the brush. It's not exactly as precise as a pencil, in that regard, but it's a great feature of the formula nonetheless.

I don't know if my brows feel any more conditioned, per se, but I like that they didn't feel stiff and didn't get flaky throughout the day. Eschewing beeswax in favor of CBD oil makes this product cruelty-free and vegan (as all Milk Makeup products are) and also seems to be the ticket to that flexible texture — I imagine this way it's less susceptible to the formula-bending effects of even mild temperature changes and therefore less likely to flake (just my theory). Some brow pomades and gels tend to look dusty after hours of wear but the Kush Brow Gel remained dark and saturated-looking.

If you're into thicker-looking brows and too lazy to painstakingly draw on hairline strokes, Kush Brow Gel is a great express brow definer. Its sticky-icky texture makes every swipe quite generous, so that is something to watch for, but it's got enough hold to style your brows any which way you like.

Today, June 22, from 2-5pm EST Milk Makeup is planning a Kush Brow Gel pre-sale, offering a Kush Pin and Kush Mascara Deluxe Sample with any Kush Brow Gel pre-purchase. You'll only be able to access the pre-sale through a link in Milk Makeup's Instagram bio.

Once the pre-sale is over, Kush Brow Gel's official launch will be Tuesday, June 26 at and and in-store at Sephora on July 6. It will be $18.

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