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Exclusive: Dr. David Colbert Opens NYDG Integral Health and Wellness

Is wellness the future of cosmetic procedures? Dr. David Colbert thinks so.The New York-based dermatologist and his business partner JP Van Laere have opened NYDG Integral Health and Wellness, two floors below Colbert’s well-known dermatology practice, New York Dermatology Group, in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.The clinic incorporates aesthetic, performance and holistic medicine all in one space, with a treatment menu that ranges from cryotherapy, a collagen-stimulating LED light therapy bed, nutrition counseling and IV therapy to body contouring and facials incorporating everything from radio frequency to laser resurfacing and micro-needling. Colbert tapped medical professionals who are known as experts in their fields — an orthopedic surgeon, an internal and travel medicine doctor, a gynecologist and medical aesthetician — to staff the clinic. In addition, Susanne Kaufmann has opened her first spa room in the U.S. at NYDG Integral Health and Wellness, where she’ll offer bespoke holistic treatments for face and body, some of them designed for post-treatment care.”We define wellness in a distinct way,” said Colbert in an interview during a preview day of the space. “Wellness is the new black and everyone wants to be well, but no one’s really defined it. Clients would always say to me, ‘Oh, I wish there was a one-stop-shop.’ People were going to mini-wellness centers that don’t offer the full package like we do here.”A dermatologist to Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities. Colbert is keenly aware of what the luxury consumer is looking for in the wellness space. He was also able to glean learnings from the Harrods Wellness Clinic, where NYDG dermatologist Dr. Costas Papageorgiou operates five treatment rooms.”I thought, ‘How can I offer everything to that client who is flying to Hong Kong twice a month who needs more than just laser toning?” said Colbert. “Now they can get cryotherapy, an IV, a bespoke Susanne Kaufmann massage and then do the LightStim bed and not be jet lagged.”The service menu is extensive, and clients can purchase treatments à la carte or can completely customize a program tailored to their specific needs or results they are seeking.Dr. John Adams, an internist specializing in travel medicine, is on-hand to oversee IV therapies that include fixes for a heavy metal load, jet lag, inflammation, colds, adrenal fatigue and more. There’s also orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Kennedy to administer cutting-edge performance medicine like PRP for joints, adipose fat cell injections and shock wave therapy. Gynecologist Dr. Kathleen Mulligan offers vaginal rejuvenation and hormone therapy.NYDG facials overseen by medical aesthetician Lauren Hackney range from $225 to $1,000, incorporating LED light therapy, peels, radio frequency, microdermabrasion, microneedling and more. Facial rejuvenation procedures, including IPL and laser resurfacing, can be added à la carte. There’s also body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments, including Coolsculpt, Vanquish and Endymed. Kaufmann has been tapped as the clinic’s holistic wellness expert — her facials and body treatments harness European massage and healing techniques and are designed to work around NYDG’s more invasive procedures. Kaufmann’s star treatment — the antiaging, antipollution Bespoke Rejuvenating Treatment — is priced at $850 and includes a 12-day at-home, after-care course consisting of her latest product, the Pollution Skin Defence System. An Alkaline Detox Facial is $275 and the massage-based Transformative Facial is $475.There are two cryotherapy options — a sauna and a chamber — and there are custom cryotherapy options as well, including cryo for cellulite and cryo for injury. Cryotherapy runs from $50 for localized treatments to $350 for cellulite-banishing. Collagen-stimulating phototherapy on the Lightstim bed is priced at $225.Colbert’s vision for the clinic is that customers will cocktail their treatments. He estimates that 30 percent of the wellness clinic’s patients will ultimately find themselves upstairs at his main dermatology practice.A retail area consists of products from Colbert’s two skin-care brands — Colbert MD and NYDG — makeup and sun-care brand Colorescience, Susanne Kaufmann and ingestible beauty brand Aethern.Architect Brandon Haw designed the clean and modern space.Colbert sees wellness as increasingly melding with aesthetic medicine. Clients are coming to him for Botox as well as recommendations on where to get cryotherapy or a lymphatic massage. He stressed that he sees NYDG Integral Health and Wellness as a place where clients can get advice from credible medical experts, and without having to go to several places to fulfill their wellness needs.” just offer Botox — now your dentist is doing it,” said Colbert. “Everyone is doing everything. We’re the medically trained experts in our field — that’s a giant point of differentiation, to have doctors from the Hospital for Special Surgery, Columbia, Stanford…we’re bringing our knowledge and guidance to bespoke programs. It’s a lot different than walking in and just getting into an immersion pool.”

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