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Doctors called an unexpected symptom of a sick heart

The smell of a person indicates a sick heart.
An amazing discovery made by German scientists, who found that heart disease is recognized by a specific smell. According to researchers, this fragrance is unique and there is nothing to compare it with. Doctors called it OR51E1.
The fact that a sick heart has a special smell has been established by scientists from the University of Munich Ludwig-Maximilian. Scientists are convinced that if the attending physicians can learn to recognize such a smell, this will advance far ahead of the possibilities of diagnosing diseases of the heart and blood vessels at an early stage.
“When a person has any irregularities in the work of the heart, this organ produces a specific smell through certain receptors, analyzing which it is possible to identify certain pathologies,” is the theory of the authors of the work.
It is noteworthy that scientists, in his own words, could not find analogues to the smell of an unhealthy heart, so there is nothing to compare it with. However, it is quite specific. The only question is that an exact technique is needed that would allow such an odor to be classified at the level of practical medicine, the scientists explained.
The development of this technique is already actively engaged, the authors of the study additionally reported.
Scientists are not the first to announce the smell marker of the disease. Today, science is actively searching for “snuffing” innovations in the field of oncology diagnostics – dogs are found by smell by teaching to patients.
As for the heart, the new theory of German scientists does not seem at all absurd if we recall, for example, that one of the indicators of a person’s stroke is the smell of acetone emanating from it.