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Beauty Pop-ups Change Complexion in Paris

PARIS — From Qiriness to Prescription Lab and État Pur, a crop of small European direct-to-consumer beauty brands are launching experiential pop-up shops here as the channel proliferates and broadens in scope, and provides a valuable testbed for online players eyeing freestanding stores.

“We are growing quite fast in the French and export markets, we need a flagship for the brand image,” explained Mi-Ryung Beilvert, founder and president of Qiriness, an at-home spa line kicked off in 2004 in the digital realm. She said the idea with the brand’s first pop-up, running from Oct. 5 to Feb. 24, is also to try out the market for a stand-alone shop, while acting as a communication tool in social and traditional media, as well as a brand ambassador.

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