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Who is actually the crazy, Mr. President?

Donald Trump is a master of it, to give simple answers to big questions. He proved yesterday at a campaign event in Manchester. It was the first event of this kind after the massacres of El Paso and Dayton at the beginning of the month, in which two Shooters, 31 people were killed.

Instead of talking about the Problem of gun violence in the United States, joined Trump the escape to the front: The real Problem is not the weapons, but who use them are. He announced, to build increased facilities for the mentally Ill, to leave her there to forcibly put. “We can’t let these people on the street,” he said. It is “of unsound mind and to get dangerous people off the street, so we don’t have to make us so concerned about that”.

Trumps words stigmatize

Trumps words on a core set of evaporation: it’s Not guns that kill, but the mentally Ill. This statement irritated for two reasons: it contributes to the stigmatisation of the mentally Ill. And it is wrong.

In fact, studies show that only a few gunman had been fighting in the run-up to the fact with mental health problems, reported recently in the “Washington Post”. The sociologist and psychiatrist Jeffrey Swanson warned in an interview with the newspaper in front of a mixing of the terms: The fact that someone goes in front of the door and the alien kills people, corresponds, although not what one would expect of a healthy person – “but it does not mean that someone has a mental illness.”

Also, the German psychiatrist Andreas Heinz had recently in a star-Interview stressed: “the Mentally Ill are not more violent than all other people.” Although the individual could be a danger to others – in particular, in the case of additional use of drugs. However, the same can also be used on healthy people who have drunk too much alcohol.

Trumps demand more harm than Benefit: the Mentally Ill, the fear of it have to be locked up, get may be of no help. Their Suffering remains untreated. You will lose the Chance of a complaint-free life.

Mental ailments like any other are also

It is therefore time that we will mental illness finally understand what they are: illnesses like any other. To treat often well. Commonplace. According to the Foundation German depression aid, every fourth woman and every eighth man over the course of his life suffering from Depression. Even psychosis, in which Sufferers perceive the reality changes and, for example, delusions are relatively common. One to two out of 100 people have at least once in the life of a psychotic Episode. An estimated 51 million people worldwide living with schizophrenia – a mental illness in which thoughts and perceptions are changed.

These Figures show the Mentally not individual cases, they live with us and among us are Ill. And that is a good thing. What mental need, Ill most are understanding, an intact social environment and a unconditional deal with their illness. How can this be achieved?

We need more education about the nature of mental illness. More awareness of the fact that it is not, of course, is to be and stay healthy it also. More prevention programs to prevent people from falling into a severe psychological crisis. Help instead of exclusion. And, not least, politicians who make a decisive step to ensure that Sufferers will quickly and comprehensively treated – rather than put you away.

This would be a good start, Mr. President?

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