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Vegetarians have a healthier heart

People who eat no meat, have vessels a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This applies to vegetarians, a Vegan and a pescetarian, so people who do not eat meat, but eat fish. But there are not only advantages, such as a current study shows.

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford, had observed 48.188 people from the UK about an average of 18 years, and found that a pescetarian and a vegetarian, had a 13 and a 22 percent lower risk for Coronary heart disease (short-CHD) than meat-eaters. The researchers assume that the difference could be at least partially due to a lower BMI, less hypertension and Diabetes, and better cholesterol levels.

In contrast, vegetarians and Vegans, however, had a 20 percent higher risk of stroke than meat-eaters. This was due to the seizures mainly due to a higher Rate of hemorrhagic shock, in which blood from an artery into the brain. Vegetarians and Vegans were in the study, lower concentrations of some nutrients in the blood than meat eaters, such as Vitamin B12, which could explain these results, the authors.