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US doctors: We will live for years with the masks

While Germany debated the pros and Cons of the continuing existence of the mask of duty in shops, a doctors of the US-American Johns Hopkins University no end soon to the mask wearing in a view. In an interview with “CNet”, declared the pandemic expert Eric Toner, that mouth-nose-could remain coverings, possibly even for years, part of everyday life. According to the experts, there will be a vaccine for large parts of the population at the earliest in the year 2022.

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Why is the mask wearing a sign for a fair and just society is

Mouth-nose-coverings apply currently, as one of the most important single measures to contain the Coronavirus. While their Use was made at the beginning of the pandemic, is still often in question, there is now evidence that the everyday masks infectious droplets can effectively hold back. “It’s actually pretty easy,” said Toner, in an interview with “CNet” “When we cover our faces – both we, as also our To with which we interact – decreases the risk of Transmission significantly.” The same is true for the stay in the fresh air compared to indoor areas and compliance with distance regulations.

Corona-the rules could remain for a longer period of time

“I think we wear the Mask, and a certain level of “Social Distancing” will live for a few years – hopefully happy and satisfied”, so Toner more. The population should avoid activities out into the open to lay and crowded places. “You can go to a beach, in the mountains or on a lake,” said the physician. In the fresh air, these activities can be “easily” possible.

Despite initial progress in the therapy of Covid-19-patients, there is as yet no cure or approved vaccine against the Coronavirus. Such could, at the earliest in the year 2022, for the General mass thinks Toner. And even then it was unclear whether a second Dose of vaccine was needed to provide a sufficient protection against the Coronavirus is from the build.

Toner forecast comes at a time, in the number of new infections with the Coronavirus in some States in the United States recently has risen dramatically. As a response to the outbreak, the Governor of Texas had arranged for the first time, a mask is compulsory for large parts of the state – a first in Texas, where many citizens on their rights to freedom rap. With a view to mask objectors Toner said: “you will see it.” It was only a matter of time.

US President, Donald Trump had driven up to the last a strict “Anti-mask”line. After fierce criticism of his approach to this seems to now gradually weaken. In the case of election campaign events of the incumbent US President, to continue to apply no mask duty. It should, in the future, but were not provided masks and participants are encouraged “strong,” to carry this also, according to his campaign camp.

The upcoming election campaign event in New Hampshire shall also be open to the sky – according to experts, the fresh air can help to reduce the risk of infection for participants.

Source: “CNet: We’ll be living with masks for years” / “Time”

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