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The number of cases increases dramatically: researchers fear a Tsunami of cancer

It is the second most common cause of death in Germany: some 500,000 people are currently suffering from cancer. In the year 2030, this number could rise to 600,000, say researchers from the German cancer research center. Only demographic development, but also the life style plays a role.

Doctors from the German cancer research center (DKFZ) expect a strong increase of cancer diseases in the world. “It is no exaggeration to talk about that we have a Tsunami of cancer ahead of us,” said the DKFZ Chairman of the Board Michael Baumann on Monday in Dresden. The centre, based in Heidelberg is looking to build in Dresden in a foreign place. On Monday, it was signed a Foundation agreement.

According to Baumann, the number of new cases will continue to increase in Germany from the current 500,000 per year to 600,000 in the year 2030. According to estimates, at least four million people living with cancer in this country currently, or have survived such a disease. Baumann does not return the expected increase only on the demographic development, but also on the life style. As an example, he cited Smoking and Obesity. Currently, cancer is the second most common cause of death in Germany.

“We very much need more research, we need new insights to cancer,” said Baumann. You have learned a lot, could not much understand, but still. Innovations should result in three strategies. Point one is the prevention is. Up to 40 percent of all cancers could be avoided Baumann, according to which, if the people would let all of the below, what would lead to such a disease. Furthermore, it is a matter of early detection, up to 70 percent of all deaths could be avoided.

After all, improved treatment, said Baumann. This is done today is very personalized. Cancer is a very different disease, therefore, the need for individual patients to a targeted therapy. It is important to take advantage of the rapidly increasing technological and data science methods for research and treatment. The growth of information disorders to rare tumor must be available where they would be needed.

Dresden is the first branch of the DKFZ. The state of Saxony is a Partner financially in advance. Until 2024 to pay the Federal government 90 percent and the state 10 percent of the total cost of 5 million euros per year. The structure of the external unit costs until then, 4.3 million euros. Moreover, it is built on the Oncology Campus of Dresden University medicine, a new building for about 20 million euros. There should be around 100 researchers.

In Dresden, it is especially to the technologies of the future to improve, for instance, with intelligent Sensors and Artificial intelligence to the prevention and treatment of cancer. Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer (CDU) sees the establishment of the branch office to strengthen the science location Dresden.

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