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Spahn calls for debate on living donation

The Bundestag is one of his most difficult decisions in this legislative period. Expected in December, the deputies will decide on a new system of organ donation in case of death. For the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, CDU, is not yet enough to combat the shortage of donor organs is done.

“From my point of view, it is not over yet. We have to then donate to a debate on the subject alive,” said Spahn, according to SPIEGEL information on Tuesday at a meeting of the Federal Association of Organ transplanted. The Association Spahn was awarded a prize “for his commitment to organ donation in the Public”.

Living donations: Limited to close relatives

Under the current law, are allowed to donate only to close relatives and closely related persons during the lifetime of organs. Experts calling for such donations to be extended to a larger group of people. A discussion on this ethical question of principle to sliding for years, and complained about Spahn. Just for kidney patients this question was important. After a decision for or against the so-called Contradiction he wishes, therefore, is also a debate about living donations.

In the vote in December a draft law, the Spahn with a cross-party group of deputies has submitted to. Your push for the introduction of the Provisions provides that all people shall apply in the event of brain death as a potential organ donor, if you have not deposited during the lifetime of your objection in an official Register and if their relatives have no objection.

The proposal, however, is controversial. A counter-proposal that, in the future, the Express consent to organ donation is required and a Register is stored. You should regularly be queried, also Doctors should educate about it.

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