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Police enforces ban on Contact in Berlin: It was uncomfortable, because I knew nothing about it

The Tempelhofer feld in Berlin at the weekend. Residents of the capital looking for movement, soak up the sun or play sports. But it is no ordinary Saturday in Berlin, as in all States, contact ban. On Saturday, the police was therefore present, to violations, to intervene. Longer sit together, that’s not to be. One of the Admonished, was surprised: “It was definitely uncomfortable, because I didn’t know that you’re not supposed to. And then to get just one authority commanded that you should get up now, please, is not a pleasant one.” A distance of the order of the day, the best two-meters is called. More specifically, the prohibition of Contact Thilo Cablitz of the Berlin police explained. “There’s a special catalog. You can go for example to the sporting activity out of it. It is not a matter that you go outside to lay in the Park and sunbathe.” And thus the Berlin must still for a while, l just. Because the ban on Contact to 20 to at least of the. April remain in place.