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Penis enlargement without surgery?

And it depends on the size, at least as regards the self-confidence of many men. This was so in the ancient world. However, today there are a number of methods, with which less well-appointed lords of creation of their best pieces up to five inches longer.

What is considered “too small”, is governed not only by the subjective Feelings of the man, but is actually also defined by international guidelines. Before we turn to the different treatment measures for this sensitive “Problem,” first, a few key figures:

When the Penis is “too small”?

In the case of a “small Penis” there are a total of three ways:

1. The length of the penis appears too small,

2. the circumference of the Penis appears too small,

3. the glans (medical term: Glans Penis) is too small.

Of course, combinations are possible with each other, and accordingly have more impact on the satisfaction of the man.

The Definition of a so-called “micro-penis” is defined by international guidelines. Thus, a micro penis is when the spongy body is in the erect state is smaller than 7.5 inches. This number refers only to the length.

But when the scope is “too low”? As a rule of thumb, the 7.5 inches brand. Only the length and width of the glans is undefined.

Primary or secondary “to small”?

In principle, one can – as is often the case with sexual medical “problems” – two forms can be distinguished: the primary and the secondary Form. A primary “small Penis” is, if, after the age of puberty, the erectile tissue in the erect state for the viewer is too small. This is then a so-called congenital “small Penis”. The secondary to “small Penis”, it’s an acquired reduction in the size of the male Genital. This is done by a Penis or penis shrinkage in the course of life.

What medical therapies are there?

In the case of the therapeutic measures operational not-are, in principle, to distinguish between operational (so called conservative) treatment methods.

We deal first with the group of the primary “small Penis”. If, during the puberty, no hormonal deficiency, in particular, of the king hormone, testosterone, occurred under the conservative methods of treatment exclusively, a so-called Mechanical traction to. This is a permanent traction to the Penis in order to extend this result.

Why can work a mechanical traction?

The procedure and effectiveness of mechanical traction can be observed in the case of some African peoples: By a permanent train on a body such as the earlobe, this will be extended gradually. A similar principle can be observed in some ethnic groups, which is considered the ideal of beauty, a long neck: Due to continuous Stretching of the neck, this will be extended over the years.

Now, what happens in the Penis?

In the case of a permanent traction to the Penis connective tissue and smooth be pulled apart muscular cells. Over months or years 0.5 way up to 5.0 inches in penile length gain. Under the supervision of a medical specialist, however, is a mandatory prerequisite for a successful extension. A successful extension is only present if the ability to have an erection of the Penis remains intact. Uncontrolled apart by himself, for buying equipment often violated (unnoticed!) inner portions of the Penis so strongly that erection and penetration capabilities will be greatly reduced or even completely lost.

To avoid such catastrophic consequences of a penis extension, the focus of a medical treatment to a differentiated diagnosis, and a high individual therapy. In the context of the diagnosis and survey of the output condition, the composition of the spongy body is precisely determined, so that the individual is to be derived, how high is the mechanical traction should be in the individual case. Another very important study a color-coded Doppler duplex sonography is to changes in the vascular system to counteract medical.

How often, in what intensity and how long the Patient has a mechanical equipment you should use, is set in the context of a special “training program” for the individual patient. These training programs are often very sophisticated and complex, as many factors must be considered. For example, it is not always easy to wear a mechanical apparatus during the work. Also strictly adhere to certain times, to no circulatory disorders can cause.

Professor Dr. Frank Sommer is the world’s only University Professor for men’s health. He is at the University hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf and helps men to succeed a new feeling of life: innovative, at the highest international level of the therapy approaches. His lectures are also recorded internationally with enthusiasm. In the USA, he was awarded for his research work “the cure of erectile dysfunction”. More information is available on the website of the Institute for men’s health.