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Love men, three erogenous zones in women to know you!

To went Christmas it is me in the home, the Ruhr. For three days I let me my mom betüddeln, ate at least three times my body weight in goose legs and potato salad and met with Friends from the past to sparkling wine and even more potato salad. The number one topic of, you guessed it: men. Right behind it at number two: Sex.

My friend Melissa complained about the lack of tact of their Tinder Dates (note: you will land on Tinder never a hit). In the truest sense of the word. “The knowledge part, not where a woman should be touched!” Nina agreed, an imaginary, unknown to us Lord things, with: “Erogenous Moved??? Never heard of it!“

I know that some readers of the text accuses passages like this. As a subjective men-Bashing and Gehate. So the Preceding is not meant to be but. But it has given the interview in fact, and the accusation that many men do not know where a woman except at the bow and stern so the touch is non-existent, and a large theme in Women’s discussions. You see this column, so not as nagging but as constructive criticism that can bring your Sex-Game to the front. Mine, by the way. The GV with women, I am also after many years of practice, still uncertain as I focus on the Essentials (bow and stern). Makes the most fun. You look at me this time as one of their own.

Enough Preliminaries. We talk about the erogenous zones of the female body. Pre-Fact for Nerds: There is the so-called primary erogenous zones to be stimulated, so that we can come to orgasm. In this case it is primarily the clitoris, for HIM, it is the base of the penis and glans. On the other, there are the secondary erogenous zones, which we dedicate today, in part one on the topic. Always in the Know Zone is not the same Zone and the Feelings of the individual. The erogenous zones of your partner you should explore the best in addition to reading this myself.

Hot Spot no. 1: lips and tongue

Ha, directly caught! I had not thought of it, if I’m honest. However, in the case of a non-representative survey in my friends circle came out: these two parts of our body are sensitive to touch. The skin of the lips is particularly thin and therefore highly sensitive, while the tongue is misleading many nerve combines. Knut is the ideal Kick-start is for more. Or you can swipe during foreplay on the lips of your partner and look her deep in the eyes. Or stuck a Finger in the mouth. Or two. Oh. My. Gawd.

Hot Spot No 2: Armpits

Thanks to year-long Tinder-Search on man, I know that There are countless men out there who are out to penetrate armpits. Or to lick. Seriously. Now I can relate to this preference, personally, would like to give you but with the way that the skin of the armpit SO INCREDIBLY sensitive. The proof is seen in the classic movie “Dirty Dancing” to. The scene in which the tough dance instructor Johnny of the funny-stupid, Baby the dance along samples of the armpit caresses, and the surging virgin chest gently touches, has generations of women goosebumps and wet panties with you. Take a look at your girlfriend, you should watch the movie together. All of the women I know, to imitate johnny’s touch to the Watch. Secretly. You can make your Sex the Johnny. They will love you for it. (Read also: So you bring you with an erotic Massage to the mind)

Hot Spot No. 3: Breasts and nipples

Many men go years of porn consumption thanks to the fact that all women are to Stimulation at this point. For me, it was no different. Nipple pinching, sucking, licking, kneading, the motor boat: Yes, Boobs are fun. Tricky is that some lady is on it. Because your nipples are not particularly sensitive. Or TOO sensitive and touching too quickly hurt. Ask your playmate so if you like what you do with it. Observe your reactions and adjust your behavior if necessary.

In the next part I will tell you, the Queen of all the erogenous zones on the female body. Look forward to ever!

The second part of the column to erogenous zones there are now here!

This article was written by (Mimi Erhardt)

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