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Italian mayor wants to let all the inhabitants of his city on a Coronavirus test

Still, Italy is one of the countries in which particularly many people are on the Coronavirus ill. For weeks, strict output rules, all non-system-relevant companies were closed, the economy and society came Tumbling.

Now the mayor of a small town in the middle of the Corona-Hotspot Lombardy is taking an unusual approach. He wants to let all its citizens to the Virus test – to be able to return to normal.


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Blood tests will lead to the end of the curfew

“We can improve the Situation is never without separating the Healthy from the sick,” said Roberto Francese to the AFP news Agency. “It takes the blood tests.” The mayor of the Northern Italian Robbio wants the curfew is ended and the 6000 inhabitants of the city can work in Lombardy again.

Public life, in particular by the pandemic affected Italy is largely paralyzed. It is still unclear how the restrictions might be lifted, without causing a second wave of Infection.

Validity of the Tests has not been proven

The management of Robbins is of the view that people who have been infected with the Virus develop antibodies and are immune. However, this is not proven scientifically yet. In addition, private blood tests, with around 45 Euro are quite expensive and in part not yet certified. Italy’s Supreme Institute of health (ISS), there are “currently no commercial Test Kits that can confirm the diagnosis”.

Francese makes the fact of his projects but not to distract. He has announced that the city will assume the costs for the Tests for all those who can’t afford them.

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