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I know what you mean!

Merk-Tricks, I know what you mean!

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a ten-week memory-to-one Coaching, with your memory in everyday life can improve. This is the eighth part. The other parts you will find here.

Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory. Therefore, the word mnemonics memory techniques dates back to. It Merktricks and donkeys are, ultimately, the bridges, with whom we have facts, names or Numbers better can keep. These “Tricks” are not the most effective training for your memory, but you support it. In addition, there are active techniques, to help the memory. This week we practice a notice, Rick, you can apply from now, when it comes to remember people’s names.

Important: We all try not just since today, to remember tricky facts or words. Everyone has, at least, to School and training his own memory techniques and Mnemonics had, with whom he has worked. Cognitive psychologist Hans markowitsch, and therefore advises: “bring out the best of the memory tricks that have always helped them already.” It was a start.

Animation: How the brain us is deceptive

And now it is a matter of a simple new “donkey bridge” to acquire:

Name to remember. Try, this week, all of the names to keep you in everyday life hear and of which you think that you should note. If you work with many people, leave it at a choice of ten names. If they meet in some weeks none at all Strange, do you try to remember about ten names that you read in novels, on television, or hear in conversations with well-Known pick up.

Only, how is it? Name you can is best to remember, if you are building a visual, emotional, donkey bridge. Because our brains can remember images much better than words. You linking pictures and names on emotional art. example: you want to remember the name Elfie Gassner? Are you looking for a image that comes with this name close to. For example, an elf that flies to an alley way. If this image appeals to you, think of it in front of your mind when you think of Elfie Gassner. Maybe you even feel the puff of air when you whizz past them. In the beginning this may seem a bit tedious. But you will find that you quickly get trained to associate the name with a visual Association. Important: If you hear a new name, let a little of your time. You ask again exactly repeat the name, take the time for your Association for a Moment. You will see: you will remember, perhaps, all ten names of the week, but for sure, some permanently – and for many people, just Knowing that you are at the mercy of your Name distractedness, a help.

If you like this donkey helps to remember, and bridge to the Name, you can use this but also in the future! With time, you will remember much more name.

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