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Her cough sounds like a Corona? Smartphone App to detect soon

You can see in the Video: Startup develops mobile App to detect Corona on a cough.

A cough for science. The company audEERING from Gilching in Bavaria assumes that the cough and the voice of Covid-19-have patient-specific characteristics. There you have developed an App to detect symptoms. For voice samples, Sneezing, and cough are recorded and analyzed. Artificial intelligence aims to make it possible. As a comparison, material fed-in audio already serve samples of Covid-19-patients in Wuhan, China as well as from the University hospital of Augsburg. The question is: What are the differences, what the similarities are? Dagmar Schuller is the CEO and co-founder of the company: “Our App can recognize in the first step, sound events, and also a first indication as to whether the voice Covid-19-relevant feature to extract. In the next step, the App should allow, of course, significantly improved the course of treatment, and also shed further light on the development of the disease.” However, to allow reliable statements to be made, the Start-up very much more audio samples. This can also be over several hours, such as while sleeping added. “As high-quality data. This also means people who give us the Information, I am positive on Covid-19 tested, or I had tested symptoms but also negative impact on Covid-19. And samples to us to voice this and the audio samples available. Only if we can have a lot of data and the, so to speak, for the Training of the model is sufficient, then the Confidence rises.” As soon as this Confidence – the reliability – on a relevant Level is increased, should be made the App available to the General public. Then to be asked to a greater extent data donations. audEERINg would like to integrate the developments in the Corona-Warning App from the Federal government.