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Death in Germany, are on the increase since the end of March due to Coronavirus significantly

Since the end of March, significantly more people are due to the Corona-epidemic in Germany in comparison to the previous years, has died. The most striking evidence for excess mortality in connection with Covid-19, there were bislan, especially in the second week of April, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced.

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According to preliminary Figures, have died in the 15. Calendar week of 6. to 12. April at least 19.892 people. The 2000 were, respectively, eleven percent more than the average of the past four years.

Since the last week of March, the deaths are above the average for the years 2016 to 2019, as the special evaluation of the statistics office shows. In the 13. Calendar week of 23. up to 29. March killed at least 19.385 people and 446 more than the average of the four years prior to that. In the 14. Calendar week 30. March to 5. April killed at least 20.207 people, and thus in 1727, more than in previous years.

In the 15. Calendar week, there were at least 19.872 deaths, and here the deviation was to the previous years, the biggest. Thus, according to preliminary Figures, in 1979, deaths were recorded more as compared to 2016 to 2019. In the year-on-year comparison, the death figures in the second week of April, in a span of 18 per cent over the Figures of 2017 and four percent over those of 2018. The data for the 16. Calendar week will be only at 15. May be present.

On the Twitter account “” there is a clear visualization of the Die länder. There is seen, particularly in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the current mortality figures stand out from the average of the past four years.

The Trend suggests that the statisticians, according to excess mortality, in connection with the Covid-19-pandemic, because the death numbers at this time of year due to the decaying wave of Flu typically to lose weight from week to week. In a European comparison, the excess mortality in Germany is yet but low.

The special evaluation contains the event of death, pay in days, weeks and months since 1. In January 2016. Currently, they are collected on a weekly basis. The current case, the figures are not yet final, and may increase due to the delayed messages easily.

In March, no striking increase in the death case with a total of at least 85.900 death cases “numbers in comparison to previous years, apparent”, as the statistics authority writes. This changed with the last week of March.

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