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Daniel Kaluuya Thanked His Parents For Having Sex in His Oscars Speech

When Daniel Kaluuya gave his speech after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah, he hit all the right beats. He gave a loving tribute to Hampton. Showed love to his co-star (and competition in the category), LaKeith Stanfield. And—as all good boys should do—Kaluuya thanked his mom.

“You’ve gotta celebrate life, man,” Kaluuya said. “We’re breathing, we’re walking. It’s incredible. It’s incredible! My mom… my dad… they had sex! It’s amazing! I’m here!”

The camera immediately cut to Kaluuya’s mom and sister for the best reactions of the ceremony so far. Sister? Head in her hands. Mom? Somewhere between shocked and the tiniest bit disapproving, before descending into full-on laughter. It’s rare, in a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance, that you see a genuine family moment. Let’s salute the Kaluuya family for giving us heartwarmingly awkward moment—and hell, while we’re at it, a reminder to thank our parents for bringing us into this Earth.

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