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Dangerous crystals: How a man with nuts ruined the kidneys

The elderly gentleman had a fit and much younger than 81. In the hospital he had never been, he smoked, drank rarely, alcohol and stayed on his diet. “He was a very health conscious person and had read a lot about antioxidants,” says his Doctor, Barbara Clark describes him. She examined the man in the summer of 2017 in the Allegheny Hospital in Pittsburgh, and summed up his unusual case recently for the “the British Medical Journal of Case Reports”.

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The vitale Patient was literally able to uproot trees: A few weeks earlier, he had cleared even by hand the heavy undergrowth on his land. His type 2 Diabetes he had with tablets a good grip on. In addition to its tablets for the sugar, he swallowed, only Vitamin C and multi-vitamins.

In the case of a Blood sample was, however, noticed that his creatinine was extremely high. With his kidney, something seemed off, but an ultrasound when nephrologists had no findings. A few weeks later he was suddenly so bad that he came to the hospital to Barbara Clark: He could hardly walk and complained of severe Nausea. Dinner, he wanted to hardly, even in front of the water, he was disgusted in.

Became the sprightly pensioners as overnight senile?

Crystals in the kidneys

In the clinic, he was on several occasions the urine. Under the microscope, small elongated grains were present in a sample. Such crystals indicate that damage to the tubules. This tube is the drainage system of the kidney to toxic metabolites can be washed away products from the body with the urine. In patients with kidney disease, the tubules clogging often the tiny stones, then appearing in the urine.

In a small SURGERY, the Doctors took the man a piece of kidney tissue. In fact, small colorless crystals were found in it – made of calcium oxalate, a poorly soluble salt of oxalic acid. The stones had already destroyed a part of the renal tubule.

Barbara Clark remembered the conversations with the patients. He proudly told how healthy he is, on a diet: every Day, he’ll eat several handfuls of Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, drink a Liter of almond milk, and hope to protect yourself with these anti-oxidants against cancer.

He did not know that almonds and other nuts contain a lot of oxalic acid, as rhubarb, spinach, sweet potato or wheat bran. Oxalic acid is slightly toxic and drains the body of calcium. Thus, crystals of calcium oxalate in the kidney. In the mouth you can feel them when the teeth are after a Dose of rhubarb stump. To save tooth enamel, you should eat rich spinach, or stewed fruit calcium milk products.

Who eats normally, will not be of concern oxalic acid doses. Tons of almonds and nuts can, however, be quite toxic to the kidneys. A lot of black tea is considered to be unfavourable (unless you drink it with milk), also meat and sausage, as well as high-dose Vitamin C.

Over the years, the 81 had consumed Years of daily about 1.5 grams of oxalate – ten Times as much as an average American. He never recovered completely. Although almonds henceforth, nuts and vitamin capsules drank shunned and two liters of water a day to flush the kidneys, he remained frail and his creatinine value is increased. And to do that, because he was believed to be the Best.

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