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Caterpillars stop Marathon in Wolfsburg

The city of Wolfsburg has been canceled because of the oak procession was originally planned for Sunday marathon spinners run. In the town of forest around the starting point and destination, an increase in the incidence of the caterpillars had been reported, said a spokesperson on Friday.

The contact with the animals or isolated hairs can cause fittings to itching and rashes. Also irritation of the respiratory tract are possible, if the burning hairs of the animals inhaled. “Just a quick run through of the affected area health hazards cannot be ruled out,” said the spokeswoman. “Especially for children or older runners, the possible adverse health effects are too great.”

Much like nettles, but much stronger

The hairs of the caterpillars contain Thaumetopoein, a nettle-poison, to the people similar to the response to nettles, but the poison is much stronger. It can cause dizziness and fever, in very rare cases, a life-threatening dangerous allergic shock.

Oak processionary moth spreading for years, in the whole of Germany. They prefer warm and dry regions. Especially the animals in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin and North Rhine-are widely used Westphalia. The case in Wolfsburg, Germany, shows, however, that you can, in principle, occur anywhere.

The hairs of the caterpillars break off easily and can fly up to several Hundred meters through the air. For this reason, people can suffer from the animals, without directly been in contact with. At the beginning of the week, the oak processionary moth had caused a large-scale operation in Mühlheim, after several children had a sports festival to get hurt. The Affected suffered from circulatory problems, shortness of breath and skin irritation.

The most critical time: at the end of may until the end of June

The white Webs of the caterpillars resemble a Nest, they usually hang out at the oaks. In the years In which the animals multiply particularly strong, you can Dodge, but also on other trees such as beech.

Most of the caterpillars form at the end of April or beginning of may, the first burning hair, the time from the end of may until the end of June is the most critical. In this Phase, the animals lose many hairs. From the end of June, the caterpillars begin to pupate. However, even the abandoned nests remain dangerous, because remnants of burning hair and hides to the Webs are liable. Anyone who sees nests or the animals, it should not touch.