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Transmit a deadly disease: tropical mosquitoes plaguing Germany

The Asian tiger mosquito is mosquito hunters a growing Problem: the pest repeller want to approach even with helicopters against the dangerous insects. The mosquitoes can transmit a deadly disease.

The Asian tiger mosquito will deal with the mosquito hunters on the upper Rhine in this year intensified. You want to investigate whether this Species, which occurs for several years in the Region, there is self-propagated, or whether it is only introduced.

This Plan Norbert Becker, scientific Director of the Municipal community of action for the control of gnats plague in Kabs/Speyer presented. In Italy, widespread insect can transmit tropical diseases such as Dengue fever.

This disease is associated with a high and can be fatal under certain circumstances.

500 tiger mosquito found eggs

In the past year, the area along the highway A5 from Basel to Frankfurt 14 adult tiger mosquito specimens and 500 eggs had been found in the Kabs -, reported Becker. “This is serious.”

At the Moment one cannot know whether the animals would breed here, or whether they had been dragging with cars and trucks from Italy. “Now we are waiting to see if the can keep here with us,” said Becker.

If a species in the wild to bring three generations, accepted them as established. “And we want to avoid, Yes,” said the biologist. According to his information, the German Federal environment Agency and the country to promote Baden-Württemberg the tests.

Also in Bavaria

Also in the South of Bavaria was discovered in the according to experts, the Asian tiger mosquito – to A 92. The animals were believed to have come with the traffic over the Brenner pass to Germany.

A comparatively large number of larvae of other mosquitoes, it is according to the findings of the professional currently in the boggy forests around rheinwärts flowing streams, such as in the southern Palatinate Bienwald.

Here is the basic water rises after the spring rain. Optimal conditions for the so-called forest mosquitoes that can hatch in February in temperatures of two degrees from the Egg.

With helicopters against tiger mosquitoes

The larvae develop for two to three months in the water before you take off in the second half of April or in may as a pilot and be troublesome. To prevent the Kabs-employees.

Using a bacterium (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, in short: Bti) that kills, according to Becker’s information, only the larvae of mosquitoes, to other living beings, however, has no effect. “Probably we will have then in the second half of March, the first helicopter operations with Bti,” said Becker.

Before newts, which live in the forest will do to the larvae amicably. “Can eat over two months, the larvae, and we do the Rest.”