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Smoke study: So drastically five cigarettes have of the day on the lungs

What one to two cigarettes a day do? Many occasional smokers think it’s safe – at least in terms of their health. A few cigarettes, however, have an equally drastic effect on the body like a pack a day, is now in a long-term study from the United States.

Smoking differences Between chains, Party and opportunity to differentiate smokers meticulously. According to the Motto “Einmal ist keinmal” is enshrined in the minds of the society, that a few cigarettes a day the body less damage than a whole pack. However, the body noted these nuances actually?

This is a question scientists from the Columbia University have a long-term study has. The results are recently in the US magazine "The Lancet Respiratory Medicine" been published. The study involved more than 25,000 Americans took part in over twenty years inside. The age range was between 17 and 93 years. A prerequisite for participation information on the Smoking behavior of each Person. Furthermore, the results are based on data of previous diseases and the respective life-style.

Thus, of 10,000 non-Smoking, have never smoked, and 7,000 ex-smokers were among the volunteers. 5800 people, again and again and relapsed, quit, and a further 2500 test persons Smoking on a daily basis.

Smoke study: The lungs under observation

The result of the researchers: The smoke of the lungs is at all – regardless of whether you smoke five or twenty cigarettes per day. The scientists had all of the test persons with a lung function test, a, in the jargon, called spirometry, is performed. Overall, the lung was inspected for over twenty years in regular intervals and the collected data is logged.

Taking into account the age-related physical decline – for example, the lung function in old age, the study to the result that Smoking accelerates the aging process of the lungs. In addition, the former showed as current smokers, a significantly poorer lung function than those subjects who have never smoked. Chronic respiratory diseases are bound to happen.

Cigarette Smoking: The lungs makes no difference

The lungs are not differentiated, therefore, in fact, whether a person smokes only three cigarettes, or a whole pack of the day. According to the scientists, all nicotine-dependent subjects have developed similar respiratory disease and lung damage. To clarify: Even if the test persons accessed only occasionally for a Cigarette, lost it within a year, as much of your lung function, such as heavily Smoking in nine months.

As the Co-author of the study, Eilzabeth Oelsner explains, is to take place to show the results of the long-term study, Smoking is always harmful, no matter to what extent the consumer.

Quitting is hard, but necessary

If you stop Smoking or its consumption is reduced, especially the cardiovascular System some Good. Even if, according to Oelsner, the health risks for ex-smokers to remain, it is better to acknowledge the cigarette sooner than later the service.

Smokers who want to quit can get for the sometimes lengthy process on various ways to help. Of Offerings there is no shortage: The Federal centre for health education (BZgA) offers not only General information but also a phone consultation as well as an Online program. Smoking cessation courses there is also the German cancer research center, or online at the Caritas.

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