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Professional 'Sugar Baby' Wants to Upgrade Her Breast Size But Scar Tissue Is Holding Her Back

Professional “sugar baby” Nina Peterson is ready to upgrade her breast size — but scar tissue from past infections is holding her back.

Peterson, 37, has already undergone several breast augmentations, and is currently at 1,600 cc’s of silicone. She wants to hit 2,000 cc’s, but Peterson is already dealing with complications from her past surgeries — she developed an infection after the sutures from one procedure wouldn’t heal, and one of her areolas has expanded to twice the size of the other.

But Peterson is hopeful that the Botched doctors can help — even if they are surprised by her profession.

“I’m a professional sugar baby. A sugar baby is a young lady that is dating older men who provide for her,” she explains in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode.

Dr. Paul Nassif asks Peterson what she gets paid.

“A monthly allowance, like you give your child a monthly allowance, so you give your sugar baby a monthly allowance,” she says. “There’s different levels, but an average sugar baby can get her cell phone bill or something paid, and then you have the elite sugar babies which get maybe $6,000 a month, and then you have sugar queens, like me, that go higher. [I get] a house, a home.”

Peterson also says that amongst her circle of friends, a group that calls themselves the “Boobinati,” a play on the term “illuminati,” she’s the queen.

“I’m the captain of my Boobinati. [It’s] a big boob army. A boob mafia,” Peterson says.

Dr. Terry Dubrow says he understands the Boobinati.

“I’m a breast surgeon and let’s be honest, I look like the Pope. If anyone knows about the Boobinati, it’s me.”

Botched airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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