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Meg Ryan Does This Self-Care Routine for 2 Hours Every Morning

Meg Ryan really knows how to start off her day.

The director and actress opened up about her self-care routine at the In Goop Health Summit in Los Angeles on Sunday, telling host Gwyneth Paltrow she eases into her day with a slow morning, doing something she loves.

“A mutual friend of ours and I have a thing that we call ‘the turnout,’ which we do in the morning,” Ryan says.

The 56-year-old, who says she started doing the routine for two hours every morning when she moved to New York City, explained that the phrase comes from taking horses out from their stall to graze in a pasture.

“They have their head, they can think, they have this time to imagine their day or whatever,” Ryan says. “We’ll take pictures of like the crossword puzzle, the computer, the cup of coffee, the drawings, the thing, and all the ways that you’re in that part of your brain that imagines your day or your life and giving it actual time and space in the morning.”

Ryan says it’s her time to take a step back from her busy life in the entertainment industry and as a mother-of-two in order to be an “imagineer.”

“We have lists and we have to go, go, go,” she says. “But this thing about like letting there be this little window, even if it has to be at, like, 6:30 to 8:30, I do it every day now.”

Paltrow, who was hosting her third In Goop Health Summit where people can attend panels and appointments with health specialists from across the nation, agreed the routine was crucial for busy women.

“I think it’s such a female quality, you know, daydreaming and sort of being fluid,” she says. “Tapping into the flow, which I think is hard for a lot of us.”

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