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Dr Pimple Popper removes huge lumps a woman got from an ear piercing

Woman, 29, who endured a DECADE with agonizing 14-ounce lumps on her ears after piercing went wrong finally gets them removed by Dr Pimple Popper

  • Jennifer, now 29, is a cosplayer from Philadelphia
  • She was 18 when she got her cartilage pierced and suffered an extreme reaction
  • The shot shocked her tissue, triggering hard scar tissue to grow exponentially
  • Dr Pimple Popper said she had to remove more of the ear than she expected 

Ear piercings left this woman with giant, painful lumps of scar tissue growing out of the side of her head for 11 years – but she has finally been cured by Dr Pimple Popper.

Jennifer, a cosplayer from Philadelphia, was 18 when she went to get her upper cartilage pierced.

But she suffered an extreme reaction: the shot shocked her tissue, triggering hard scar tissue to grow – and grow, and grow.

Over time, the bumps swelled, and recently the swelling sped up, making it difficult to cover the lumps with scarves and hair.

This year, Jennifer, now 29, decided to tackle the matter with a visit – filmed by TLC – to Dr Sandra Lee, better known as Dr Pimple Popper, who has made a name for herself tackling unusual growths.

Jennifer, a 29-year-old cosplayer from Philadelphia, has lived with these lumps for 11 years

Dr Pimple Popper had to take off more of the ear than she had anticipated

Dr Lee immediately diagnosed Jennifer with keloids, an overgrowth of hard scar tissue caused by trauma to the skin.

It’s not uncommon with cartilage piercings, which heal slower than piercings to other parts of the ear, and hit a more sensitive, tough area.

Keloids are most common in people under 30, and can take months or years to grow after the trauma.

Jennifer’s case was particularly severe.

‘They are incredibly painful and incredibly heavy,’ Jennifer told TLC.

‘They cause headaches. I’m worried they are going to get bigger…I worry about being ridiculed and mocked.’

Dr Lee didn’t mince her words.

‘They’re probably the biggest keloids I’ve ever seen,’ said Dr Lee.

‘I had to take off more of the ear than expected.

‘After removal, the four keloids weighed nearly 14 ounces.’

Dr Lee removed the keloids surgically, before Jennifer underwent radiation therapy to lower her risk of developing the lumps again.

‘Everything has changed for the better. No more headaches, no more vertigo,’ Jennifer said.

‘I don’t need to hide. Dr Lee gave me a future. She pretty much saved me.’

Until the surgery, Jennifer had been wearing headbands to hide the giant lumps

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