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Cancer Elliot (4) to comfort the mother: “mom, no one has said that it will be easy”

Shortly before his third birthday, have been diagnosed at Elliot cancer. The Tumor had already spread. After intense treatment and chemotherapy, the Boy was considered to be tumor-free. But now the cancer is back. His family and his mother hopes to fight: “lion-do”.

Preferably, the four-year-old Elliot playing with Playmobil or Lego police. In two years he would like to go with his friends to school.

“I know what I want to be when I grow up: policeman!”, Elliot reveals on its website. Established by his parents, Katinka and Sven Peiz, to collect donations. Because your son is dying.

Elliot is this month, five years old. Shortly before his third birthday, Doctors found a malignant growth in the abdomen of the young: a neuroblastoma grade IV of the right adrenal gland. In the bone marrow and in the lymph nodes metastases were already. The cancer was treated by chemotherapy, which burdened the small body is very strong. The hair fell out. Private Elliot was the guest at the police station to be.

“I call the Tumor ‘villain’, because he has made me a lot of pain,” writes Elliot. After a year of intense treatment and chemotherapy, Elliot can be dismissed and the Kindergarten visit: “When my mom brought me for the first Time, she cried. They explained to me that you cry sometimes when you’re happy.“

“I knew it before anyone else, that the Tumor is back”

But now, two years later, the cancer returned. From tears of joy no trace.

“In March of this year, I suddenly had horrible, stabbing pain in my stomach and my back. I knew it before it knew all the others: ‘My Tumor is back!’ of describing it Elliot. Since roll at his mother, but also in front of her son, the tears, even though she tries to avoid that. Comfort her: “mom, no one has said that it will be easy.” Remarkable.

Elliot’s mother, told FOCUS Online: “I think Elliot made it to us despite the circumstances simply because he is so self-confident, strong, brave and patient. I admire that about him.“

Private Elliot, it must, on a daily basis in the day clinic.

The boy’s family hopes to get the cancer immunotherapy in the handle. The medical facilities in Germany are, according to you is limited. The Frankfurt University hospital, the Elliot is treated, the parents of the boy contact to experts at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center in New York.

Mother Katinka hopes: “lions create”

The therapy recommended by the specialist in New York, provides radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immune therapy and vaccination. The first two treatments are already approved in Germany, however, immune therapy and vaccination.

In contrast to radiotherapy or chemotherapy to try Doctors with immunotherapy the body’s own immune system to fight. The immune system to recognize cancer cells and then fight. The patient’s own cells should not be harmed in the process. However, this is not easy to obtain, as tumor cells camouflage themselves from the T cells of the immune system.

The family would have to bear the costs for the Latter itself. The cost of treatment in New York for the immunotherapy, amounting to approximately 700,000 euros, with chemotherapy together, to 1.4 million euros. Elliot’s parents have launched a fundraising appeal to be able to wear this. Also on Facebook you are active and inform you about fundraising activities. So far, 500,000 euros have come together. Elliot’s mother, Katinka said: “This is really great and makes us, in the light of the new challenges, continue to be optimistic lions can do it!”

You want to support Elliot and his family? Donate here!

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