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You’ll Never Believe the Surprising Things You Can Use Peanut Butter For

If you think you can only use peanut butter for your lunchtime sandwich, think again. Just as salsa and the humble tortilla do more than you can imagine, so does peanut butter. These are the surprising and crazy things you can use peanut butter for.

We’ll tell you how you can use it in the bathroom (page 8) and a very surprising thing you can use peanut butter for out in nature (page 11).

Hide pills

Pills and capsules in medical vial | Luchschen/iStock/Getty Images

  • Perfect for the pet or child who doesn’t want to take medicine.

If your child or your pet refuses to swallow a pill, hiding the medicine in peanut butter helps. The taste masks the medicine, and the thick consistency ensures the pill gets where it needs to go without all the struggling.

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Replace regular butter

Butter | YelenaYemchuk/istock/Getty Images

  • Use it in a pinch for your baked goods.

We haven’t tried this before, but the website BabyGizmo reports you can use peanut butter in place of regular butter. We doubt it works with garlic toast, but we can see how baked goods might taste better.

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Get rid of fish smells

Cooking salmon in a skillet | iStock/Getty Images

  • After dinner, heat it up in the frying pan.

You love a nice Friday fish feast, but you hate the smell. Well, peanut butter is here to help. According to Lifehack, heating up a tablespoon of smooth peanut butter in the frying pan in which you cooked the fish gets rid of the odor better than any air freshener.

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Help heal rusty tools

Rusty tools | SVproduction/iStock/Getty Images

  • Peanut butter helps the parts get moving again.

If your lawnmower or hedge clippers have some rust and won’t move, just smear some peanut butter on them. The oils help get the parts moving again and might even remove some of the rust in the process.

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Leather cleaner

Leather shoes | iStock/Getty Images

  • Cleans and shines couches, chairs, shoes, and jackets.

Because of all the natural oils it has, you can use peanut butter as a DIY leather cleaner. Just rub it on the surface in a circular motion with a clean cloth, and mix it with natural oils if you don’t want your couch smelling like peanut butter. So if your store-bought bottle of leather cleaner is running low, just put some peanut butter in the hall closet.

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Polish the car

Car polishing | scyther5/iStock/Getty Images

  • Use peanut butter to get wax off exterior trim.

We haven’t tried this yet, but according to BabyGizmo, you can use peanut butter to clean your car’s exterior trim. If you get car wax on the weather stripping, peanut butter takes it right off and makes the trim shine.

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Repair scratched wood

Finger of adult brunette woman touching screen tablet | quintanilla/iStock/Getty Images

  • Fills in scratches and makes them disappear.

You might have heard walnuts can treat scratches on wood. You can use peanut butter in much the same way. Rub smooth peanut butter over scratches, let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, and wipe it away, and the scratches are almost impossible to see.

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Shaving cream

woman shaving legs | gpointstudio/iStock/Getty Images

  • Prevents nicks and moisturizes.

What is shaving cream but a smooth barrier between a sharp razor and your sensitive skin? Peanut butter goes one step further. It protects your skin from nicks and razor burn, plus the oils are natural moisturizers so you save time not putting on aftershave or lotion.

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Hair moisturizer

Woman washing hair | CentralITAlliance/Getty Images

  • The trick your salon doesn’t want you to know.

Shiny hair is just a trip to the grocery store away. According to Lifehack, massaging peanut butter into your hair and then rinsing with shampoo is a great way to moisturize your hair. It’s the trick your salon doesn’t want you to know!

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Ant trap

Ants in the house | Cherkas/iStock/Getty Images

  • Mix peanut butter with household chemicals to keep ants away.

Finding ants in your house is unnerving and annoying, but you can use peanut butter to fight back. According to SFGate, a mixture of peanut butter, sugar, borax, and bread lures ants, and they take the poisonous mixture back to the colony.

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Fish bait

Senior man sits fishing in a lake | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

  • A fancy PBJ can help you land a trophy fish.

It’s hard to believe, but you’re not the only one who wants a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. According to MentalFloss, some fishermen swear peanut butter sandwiches with some bird seed or garlic mixed in are great bait for catfish, carp, and other fishes.

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Windshield cleaner

Windshield wipers | AlexeyPelikh/iStock/Getty Images

  • Easily wipe off bug juices

If you’re tired of working so hard to get dried bug juices off your windshield, just use some peanut butter instead. Put it on, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then wash it away. The peanut butter and bug juices are gone, and all that’s left is a sparkling windshield.

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Replace other nut butters

Peanut butter | Julia_Sudnitskaya/Getty Images

  • Swap peanut butter for more expensive nut butters in your recipes.

If a recipe calls for almond or cashew butter, chances are you can save money by using peanut butter instead. Consumer Reports finds that almond and cashew butter cost a lot more than peanut butter, but chances are you can use the peanut butter you already have, especially if you’re making a baked dessert.

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Remove anything sticky

Chewing gum stuck to the sole of a shoe | eag1e/iStock/Getty Images

  • Say goodbye to gum, glue, and other adhesives.

This is the trick we should all know by now. You can use peanut butter to remove anything sticky from where you don’t want it, such as hair, clothes, or the bottom of your shoe. Gum, glue, price stickers, and most other adhesives don’t stand a chance against the oils in peanut butter. Just remember, you probably don’t need as much peanut butter as Michael Scott from The Office.

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Wooden door hinge | aozora1/iStock/Getty Images

  • Get rid of squeaks from door hinges or drawers.

Is a squeaky door hinge or noisy drawer driving you crazy? Then it’s peanut butter to the rescue. The oil from a little smear of PB works just as well as WD-40 or any other household lubricant.

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