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Trader Joe’s New Horchata-Inspired Ice Cream Features a Delicious Cookie Surprise

Relentless summer heat is no match for a delicious, ice-cold glass of horchata. This popular Mexican drink is made with sweet rice and cinnamon, and often flavored with vanilla and sugar and sometimes thickened with milk. It’s creamy and refreshing — and now comes in ice cream format at Trader Joe’s!

Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted a picture of the new Horchata-Inspired Ice Cream yesterday, and it includes a delicious cookie surprise. The first picture shows the pints of ice cream in cartons for $3.49, with a description on the cartons as “sweet cinnamon & rice ice cream with Horchata flavored cookie pieces.” Horchata cookies? Sounds amazing!

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“Horchata is one of my favorite beverages made from rice milk – the sweetened cinnamon-y rice milk over ice is incredibly addictive!” @traderjoeslist captioned the post. “I was so excited to see Trader Joe’s made an ice cream in its likeness! I will be adding this to my next Trader Joe’s list, will you?”

They also posted a picture of the ingredients, which include cream, milk, cane sugar, cinnamon, egg yolks, sugar, cookie pieces, and more. It looks so light and delicious, making the perfect summertime treat.

“I have to get this!!!!” one person commented. “Yo what?! This is a 🐐 level idea 🤤🤌🏻,” added another.

Trader Joe’s is known for its amazing ice cream flavors — like this sweet and tangy lemon ice cream — so we know the Horchata-Inspired Ice Cream will be good too. And if it melts in the sun before you can eat it, simply add ice and sip it like the delicious drink it’s based on.

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