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This Viral TikTok Grocery Shopping Hack Will Help You Reduce Food Waste & Save Money

Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked in the fridge, closed it, then immediately forgot everything that was in there. (It can’t be just me!) It’s even worse when you’re at the grocery store without a list and can’t remember exactly what you’re out of. So, you buy an extra carton of strawberries just in case, only to get home and see two cartons in the fridge already. It’s a waste of food and money!

If you aren’t the best at staying organized (again, same), then this viral grocery shopping hack on TikTok may be the perfect solution.

TikTok user Annie Laurel (@annielaurel) posted this fun hack on April 9 that will save you money and reduce food waste by helping you keep track of the food in your fridge.

Ps if anyone knows how get rid of the pink effect hmu #diy #mini #fyp #lesswaste !!!

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