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Mcdonald’s Is Launching the McPlant, Its First-Ever Vegan Burger

Looking for an excuse to take a trip to McDonald’s? Introducing the fast food chain’s first ever meat-free burger, the McPlant. That’s right, McDonald’s has launched a brand-new burger, and this time it’s completely vegan.

The new burger has launched in partnership with the US-based, meat-substitute brand, Beyond Meat, and is made from plant-based ingredients including yellow peas, coconut, potato and beetroot juice. What’s more, it’s topped with vegan cheese and a vegan sandwich sauce.

And it doesn’t stop there, the patty itself is meant to recreate the texture and flavor of real beef. So, it’s perfect for any vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians out there craving a burger.

McDonald’s Spokesperson, Francesca DeBiase explained, “We’re excited to work with Beyond Meat to drive innovation and this is an important step on our journey to bring high-quality, plant-based menu items to our customers.

Ethan Brown, from Beyond Meat, also described the deal with McDonald’s was “an exciting milestone.”

He added, “We will combine the power of Beyond Meat’s relentless approach to innovation with the strength of McDonald’s global brand to introduce new plant-based menu items.”

Feel like you the recognize the name? A version of the McPlant was actually sold in Austria earlier this year. The burger obviously went down well, as it’s now on its way to the UK.

McDonald’s McPlant will be available in UK restaurants from the 13 October, 2021.

In other news, did you know you can now officially order delivery via the McDonald’s app?

From what we can tell, you can order just about everything from the McDonald’s menu for delivery except ice cream cones and drinks that have cream toppings, like Frappes.

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