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Martina fed their children a vegan: lack of compensating with lozenges and toothpaste

Martina lives for years vegan. For you, that you also want to feed their children without meat products. Physicians see the critical. FOCUS Online spoke with the mother and a food scientist.

Nele* is a vegan – this has always been so. The five-year-old and her three-year-old brother Levin to eat since birth, neither meat nor fish, and also milk products, honey and eggs are on the diet taboo. Because her mother, Martina has decided that the two children vegan.

Martina lives for 18 years as a vegetarian. Six years ago, the 36-Year-old and her husband then moved to a vegan diet. When she was pregnant, was for Martina it clear that they wanted to feed their children – of course – vegan.

For many Vegans, environmental, ethical and health reasons play a role. These are the values you want to give to their children. That is irresponsible or even dangerous? The topic of the vegan diet are the ghosts – and especially in the case of children, a purely plant-based diet is highly controversial.

Of vitamins and deficiency symptoms

A recent case was last week, around the world for discussions and headlines. Australian parents fed their daughter a strict vegan diet and you have been exposed to unreasonable risks. The child wore a heavy deficiency.

With one and a half years, she was standing on a development of a three-month-old baby resembled. According to the Australian news Agency AAP, she was fed at all, her growth was delayed and important nutrients like iron and Vitamin B12 were missing. The Australian parents have been sued therefore, and must reckon with a prison sentence of up to five years.

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Whether vegan or vegetarian: the visit to the pediatrician is compulsory

Who omit thoughtless animal foods such as meat and dairy is risking his health. Malnutrition and deficiency is the consequence of phenomena. Martina know from my own experience that a transition from a normal mixed diet to a vegan diet for children is very demanding. She is aware: “Who is vegan eats his children carelessly, puts you at a high risk.”

Also, Mathilde Kersting from the Dortmund research Institute of child nutrition provides a vegan diet for children is very critical. “It is extremely difficult to feed children vegan,” says Kersting. Especially, the supply of B12 should be ensured. B12 is not included in a purely plant-based diet.

Also, the supply of iron and protein should schedule parents to prevent deficiencies. “The vegan diet is similar to a strictly restrictive diet, certain food groups are omitted. Parents need to be familiar with the important nutrients and food,“ says the expert. Parents are informed and know what to look for, can succeed in a vegan diet for children, grants Kersting.

Martina is convinced that a vegan diet in children is possible. From their point of view, vegan children live even healthier than some of the “mixed diet”, which deals little with his eating habits. “I think certainly about the diet of my children as many other parents. Also, unhealthy foods are the exception,“ she says.

The nutritionist Kersting agrees: “It is proved that many Vegans are healthier than people who ,normal' feed. Whether this is, however, to the General circumstances of life or of the diet, you can not say.“ So Vegans are, on average, more educated, move more, Smoking, and health are more consciously in General.

The food pyramid – balanced and varied food

The vegan diet of children needs to be well planned and considered, tells Martina. “It is important to me that my children eat healthy. Since I am also gladly times longer in the kitchen,“ she says. The daily Schedule, Create shopping lists, and a fresh preparation of the meals was time-intensive, but for the health of their children Martina was the effort worth it.

Seasonal, regional and organic when feeding their children, they especially pay attention to the fact that you supply varied food purchases, and nutrients such as B12. “On our dining plan a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, carbohydrates and proteins in any Form. In addition, I Supplement B12 in the Form of lozenges and toothpaste.“ Unloved food are also hidden in the Form of Smoothies or in tomato sauce.

In the case of a lack of action symptoms quickly

Conversations and regular visits to the pediatrician are also indispensable. “Many Vegans are well-informed and aware of the risks. In addition, a pediatrician who is familiar with the topic helps,“ Martina safe. “The children look pale or they are tired and listless, I go as quickly as possible to the doctor and let it check” tells you.

In addition to the regular controls, you pay very close attention to whether your children show signs of signs of deficiency. This could not be with a vegan diet, get a grip, would you Supplement the diet of their children with dietary supplements, and in the next step with animal products.

“Can’t recommend nutrition experts, vegan diet in children anyway,” says Kersting. Especially children up to the age of three years, have special needs. In this Phase, it is particularly important to ensure that you take all of the necessary nutrients. Deficiencies can lead to cognitive impairment and slower bone growth.

Vegan in everyday life: from recommendations and experiences

A piece of cake on the kids birthday? In the pool of ice cream? The life of a vegan child is not always easy. However, to pay meticulous attention to all the ingredients and to prohibit the children, not for Martina out of the question. “If the kids are invited, I try to predict whether there is a vegan Alternative”, and describes you.

In everyday life, you are always pushing back their limits. A strictly vegan diet of the family succeed, whether it is from temporal or organizational reasons, not always. “At home we eat vegan. We eat outside, we also with vegetarian options satisfied,“ says Martina.

Not only a Trend, but a philosophy of life

Vegan not just a diet trend, but a philosophy of life for the family. The reasons for a vegan diet were varied for you. “Pro-climate, pro-justice, pro-enjoyment – we want to live eco-friendly, healthy and, above all, responsibly,” explains Martina. She is also a Supplement that colorful and tasty food that appeals to all children – whether with or without meat.

Any doubt as to your diet has to be Martina, in spite of the current headlines. And if your children want to eat meat? “I have major ethical problems,” she admits. “I hope that it comes to that, and if it is, I can’t forbid it to you in the end.”

*Names of the family members changed by the editors.

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