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Martha Stewart's Foolproof Pumpkin Bread Recipe & Is a Must-Try

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It happens every year. We load our pantries with canned pumpkin, and sure enough, every recipe we see calls for a half can of pumpkin. What’s the deal? Thankfully, there are some cooks out there who get it: when it comes to pumpkin and fall, more is more. That’s just one of the things we love about Martha Stewart’s foolproof pumpkin bread recipe, our autumn go-to, which actually uses up the entire can of pumpkin puree. She first shared the recipe on her PBS show Martha Bakes, and every time Stewart re-shares her video on how to make the pumpkin bread it gets us in the mood for fall baking.

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Martha Stewart’s
pumpkin bread is a quick bread, which means you don’t have to worry about using yeast or kneading any dough or waiting for something to rise. If we’re being honest, it’s basically a loaf of pumpkin cake, but if we call it cake maybe we’d feel weird about having it for breakfast, and we obviously can’t risk that. Besides, you can’t toast cake and slather it in butter to eat with your morning coffee.

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Her recipe makes two loaves, which we also love. You can keep one for yourself and gift the other to someone, or you can eat one now and freeze the second for later on. Or, let’s be honest, you and your family can devour both loaves within the week, and you’ll be ready to make some more pumpkin bread next weekend.

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Stewart uses freshly grated whole nutmeg in her recipe, and it really does make a difference compared to the powdered stuff you get in a jar (it also gives you a chance to use the tiniest li’l microplane ever
). And don’t tell her, but we’d add a splash of vanilla to the recipe, and we might double the amount of spices the recipe calls for, too. What can we say, we’ve been addicted to the flavor of pumpkin spice ever since our first PSL all those years ago.

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But that’s what we love about this recipe. It’s simple and foolproof, and a perfect blank slate for experimentation. Add your favorite fall spices, make a crumble topping, mix cocoa powder or melted chocolate into half the batter to make marbled pumpkin bread, or just leave the recipe as-is. However you slice it, you won’t be disappointed, and it’s bound to become one of the recipe you look forward to baking every fall.

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