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Game Day Isn't Complete Without Martha Stewart's Crowd-Pleasing & Overloaded Nachos Recipe

Football season is here, and we’re ready to get all the stomach-rumbling appetizers ready for those game days. Martha Stewart has our backs yet again, making one of the most overloaded nachos recipes we’ve ever seen. And we seriously can’t wait to bring this to the next game day event!

On Oct 8, Stewart uploaded a photo of some insanely delicious-looking, mouth-watering nachos. She posted it with the caption, “Hosting a game-day tailgate this weekend? Whip up our easy beef chili in advance, and you can get this giant pan of nachos on the table in just 20 minutes. It’s all about layering the meat with tortilla chips, cheese, and beans. Get the recipe at the link in bio. 📷: @behindthedawn.”

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To make the most of any game day, you need quite a few ingredients to make this as overloaded as can be. Make sure you get the radishes, jalapenos, cilantro leaves, beans, and Stewart’s Easy Beef Chili.

Now, Stewart’s chili recipe is exactly how it sounds: easy. Easy to make, easy to eat: all of the above. For the chili, you need even more ingredients like jalapeno, kosher salt, tomato paste, cocoa powder, ground beef, and more. (You can also use pork or turkey!) Now, this three-step recipe can be done in less than an hour, so don’t wait! Check out Stewart’s Easy Beef Chili recipe HERE.

But back to the nachos! One you finish the chili, make sure to add it along with the rest of the ingredients as Stewart says. You only need to do a few more steps; then everyone can enjoy this amazing dish.

Check out Stewart’s full Skillet Chili Nachos recipe HERE.

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