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Costco’s 5-Pound Pumpkin Cheesecake Will Be the Star of the Thanksgiving Dessert Table

Costco’s larger-than-life desserts always have a spot reserved on the holiday table—especially they involve cheesecake. For years, shoppers have been picking up the giant Pumpkin Cheesecake from the wholesale retailer. However, last year, Costco replaced it with the Harvest Spice Cheesecake. Tasty? Yes. The same as our beloved pumpkin? No. So please join us in celebrating that Kirkland Signature’s Pumpkin Cheesecake is back for 2019!

The delicious fall-inspired bite consists of a sweet graham cracker crust, rich pumpkin cheesecake, and spiced sour cream topper. The result is a creamy dessert that doesn’t just need to be on your Thanksgiving table—it deserves to be. It differs from the Harvest Spice Cheesecake, because that offering was made with a sweet graham cracker crust, sweet potato, pumpkin, and brown sugar topper. So the all-pumpkin version doesn’t have any sweet potato mixed in.

As we said, the Pumpkin Cheesecake is huge. It weighs in at just under five pounds and has lines to make cutting 16 equal pieces easy—because family gatherings are dramatic enough without people fighting over dessert.

This seasonal treat is only around for a short time, so pick one up at Costco now for $14.99. Whether you bring it to Thanksgiving or keep it in the fridge for yourself so you can have a slice every day, well, that’s your business.

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