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Costco Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan-Favorite Food Court Item

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There was a lot of weird stuff that happened during the pandemic, but one thing that hasn’t quite gone back to normal since is the Costco food court. We still see desperate people on social media begging Costco to bring back its combo pizza and acai bowls, and they only recently started giving out free samples in stores again. Now, some combo pizza fans are starting to feel a glimmer of hope, because Costco is finally bringing back a food court favorite item for its members (sign up here) just in time for summer, and it could be a sign of things to come.

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That’s right — diced onions for Costco’s legendary, affordable hot dogs are coming back to stores. Instead of being in a communal container to be sprinkled on at leisure, the diced onions will be served in individual cups that are kept refrigerated, and will be available upon request. Costco’s hot dogs are one of the cheapest post-shopping snacks you can get (and honestly, probably the cheapest thing at Costco in general!), and the ability to load them up with condiments and diced onions makes them an even better deal. So much so, that fans online are getting emotional.

“This made me tear up,” shared one commenter on Instagram. “Funny how we celebrate the little things in life that mean so much.”

Another person said, “I’ve taken my own chopped onions in with me before. I’m thrilled they’re bringing them back.” That’s some true commitment right there!

Although the diced onion comeback is being met with much rejoicing, there are still some other hot dog-related food court items fans are clamoring for. “Need the deli mustard and the kraut back too!” exclaimed one commenter, while another said “BRING BACK THE DELI MUSTARDDDD!!!”

You can’t please everyone, but in the meantime, at least Costco hot dogs can finally be topped with a shower of diced onions like they’re meant to be. It’s a sign of how far we’ve come…and with the calls for the return of combo pizza, acai bowls, and other Costco food court treats, it’s a sign of how far we still have to go.

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