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Coenzyme Q10 – marketing Scam or miracle cure for the heart and more

In Germany, the Q10 will be observed still little. New studies show, however, what is the coenzyme is capable of and why it is in the case of diseases such as Diabetes, heart failure and Parkinson’s can be useful. FOCUS Online spoke with an expert about the Anti-Aging agent.

Q10 can be found in many multi-vitamin products, in creams and in beverages, it is used as an Anti-Aging remedy that is highly praised, to strengthen muscles, heart and memory, and much more. However, official recommendations for coenzyme Q10 in Germany, as is generally the substance is only little known.

In contrast to other countries, where coenzyme Q10 is an approved drug for supplemental therapy in various diseases such as hypertension and heart failure.

Coenzyme Q10 is important for every cell

Already called coenzyme Q10, which most consumers can relate to. “The coenzyme Q10, also known as Ubiquinone, is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance found in almost all human tissues,” reports the pharmacist Uwe Gröber, head of the Academy for micronutrient medicine, specialist author and speaker in the Europe-wide and in-service training of Doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists.

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble substance found in virtually in almost all tissues in the body. It plays a particularly large role in the mitochondria, the so-called energy power plants of each cell. Coenzyme Q10 brings the flow of energy of cells in motion and to counteract a lack of energy.

With coenzyme Q10, energy cell, energy is from food

The main function of the Vitaminoids: “In the mitochondrial respiratory chain, the energy is converted from food into cellular energy,” explains the expert. Q10 acts as a pacemaker for three of the five enzymes, which are responsible for the cell fuel ATP (adenosine-Tri-phosphate) forms.

The somewhat complicated connection to a single common denominator: The a vitaminoid acts in each cell, so that energy can be released. “Thus, Q10 is vital, because all the processes occurring in the body, are dependent on the mitochondria,” summarizes the expert.

Why Q10 for the sense organs is so valuable

Particularly important is the coenzyme, however, is for those institutions that have a high density of mitochondria, emphasises Uwe Gröber. The are the sense organs, the olfactory bulb, retina, and brain, in the second line, then the heart and skeletal muscles, liver, and pancreas. The efficiency of these institutions depends so heavily Q10.

Two routes of supply with Q10

On the one hand, we can take the Q10 to the part about the food. Some foods, such as fish, meat, eggs or dairy products contain Ubiquinone.

However, they provide a vitaminoid only in small quantity, “so you can Sardines in oil, ultimately, not so much – they have to eat a high Q10 content, as you need to cover your Q10 demand”, restricts Uwe Gröber the expectations.

Much more effective: The self-production of the body of Q10. Among other things, with the help of Vitamin C, certain amino acids such as phenylalanine or methionine, this coenzyme is formed. Through this process, little is but yet known. “That’s why you can’t tell exactly what you have to eat in order to boost the body’s own production of Q10”, says Uwe Gröber.

However, it is clear that a lack of only one of these modules draws a supply of Q10, which can then be essential.

Q10 deficiency affects almost everyone over the age of 40

However, this is not the only cause of Q10 deficiency. Already from the age of 20 years, the body’s own production begins to decline slightly, from 40 years, a significant deficit occurs, which is amplified with increasing age. The Q10 content in the cells decreases and their performance drops. The cells are not only weaker, but also more susceptible to cell damage. “In order, among other things, age-related diseases opens the door to”, the expert explains the connection.

Q10 deficiency has nonspecific symptoms Test and blood values

Symptoms of a Q10 deficiency, there are many, but they are clearly not. Fatigue, muscle weakness, concentration problems, headaches, susceptibility to infections – everything that can go hand-in-hand with a lack of energy. However, for these complaints, also a lot of other causes come into question, not just a little Q10.

Clear evidence of the blood test at the doctor has. “The reference value for Healthy people is 1.2 micrograms per Milliliter,” says the expert on the exact Numbers. However, who is ill, such as Diabetes, hypertension or arteriosclerosis has, for the areas of interest, improve the cell function, so as little as 2.5 micrograms per Milliliter.

Why the intake of Q10 in Germany is wrongly considered to be controversial

How can Q10 deficiency, then to compensate? With food that is hardly possible. Food Supplement with Q10 are frowned upon in Germany, but rather something. “According to my knowledge from the scientific literature Q10 is in any way controversial, the current Study demonstrated many positive effects in the prevention and treatment of diseases”, clarifies the expert.

The Problem, however, is that the Q10 launched in part untrustworthy, as a miracle cure would be presented. It was covered, Uwe Gröber, and soon a new guide on the topic of dietary supplements out.


Recommended is the intake for health maintenance and improvement of:

  • Gums and periodontium
  • Mouth flora
  • Vascular functions
  • Immune system
  • Increase in performance

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In this context, there is a study with German Olympic athletes of the year 2012, the dosed had six weeks of high Q10 taken and compared to a placebo group, their performance significantly could improve. Interesting, however, is only for athletes, says the expert, and refers to a world-class swimmer Marc Spitz, the Q10 has taken at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

For the treatment Supplement Q10 is, for example, in the case of the following diseases:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Q10 is not for the faint of heart

In the course of a cardiac insufficiency can be a positive influence, as is highlighted by the results of recent studies. For example, a Swedish study with more than 600 patients showed that Q10 in heart failure has a high effect.

The subjects with heart failure stage three and four received daily Q10 (200 milligrams) and selenium (200 micrograms). It showed that their mortality was reduced by half in comparison to the control group that received a Placebo. In a follow-up study of patients with Diabetes and hypertension came to, also the heart showed a protective effect of Q10 and selenium.

“In Canada and China Q10 products are already longer for Treatment of congestive heart failure approved, Europe is lagging behind here,” says Uwe Gröber.

Side effect of statins reduce

In another context, the intake of Q10 proved to be useful. In doing so, statins (cholesterol-lowering). As we know, its most common side effects are muscular problems, up to 30 percent of the patients could be affected. These side effects can be reduced by Q10, whereupon a further study indicates.

Q10 and the aging process

In addition, there are a whole series of further investigations, which deal with Q10 and to get positive results. “Overall, there emerges clearly that the aging process be delayed, there is even a biochemical Marker,” says the pharmacist. This is the polymer length in white blood cells, which could stabilize Q10. You know, that the shortening of telomeres is the primary cause of human aging and age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and disorders of the immune system. Since coenzyme Q10 improves the energy utilization of the cell and has an anti-inflammatory, is it against the aging process.

Aging, as well as most of the diseases associated with inflammatory processes that are not acute, but insidious run – such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, periodontal disease, migraine, Parkinson’s disease. “In the Oncology Q 10 plays a role,” adds Uwe Gröber, which is also in the working group prevention and integrative medicine in Oncology (PRIO) of the German cancer society. Especially in the case of the therapy with cancer drugs such as Anthracyclines, Herceptin, Taxanes, or Tamoxifen the intake of Q10 to be useful.

For whom is Q10 good and the right dose

“The intake of Q10 is not recommended only for the wide variety of patient groups, in General, for all of us who are over 40,” advises the expert. 50 milligrams (for example, Ubiquinone) is sufficient as a daily dose for Healthy. Who is ill, such as high blood pressure or Diabetes, can take at least 100 to 200 milligrams (for example Ubiquinol). Side effects in high doses are not known.

What is the shape of the Q10 works best

Particularly high bioavailability of Ubiquinol, the body is absorbed four times as well and in the cell recycled forms as the other Q10 is. This is important for the purchase of Q10 products.

When taking it depends on the dosage form: capsules or tablets should be taken at dinner, “here, the Q10 breaks down the chyme and achieved a higher absorption surface”. Q10 products as a solution or Emulsion, however, should be about a Minute in the mouth and rinse first, then swallow. So the Q10 is already on the oral mucosa, which is also better blood circulation – important for healthy gums.

No matter whether you order on the Internet or in the pharmacy around the corner to buy: not pay Attention to quality, the cheapest product is probably the Best. Or equal from the pharmacist in order to get Q10 in high purity and quality.

Conclusion: Q10 is not a miracle cure, but maybe an important tool, to aging processes, a little delay. Undisputed Q10 makes sense to Supplement to your Therapy of heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and Diabetes, but also to the alleviation of side effects when taking statins, or certain anti-cancer drugs.

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