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Aldi Is Now Selling Decadent Cold Foam so You Can Make Starbucks-Style Coffee Right at Home

Despite our best efforts, brewing coffee at home is never quite the same as stopping by Starbucks — especially when we try to recreate our favorite cold coffee recipes. Luckily for us (and our wallets!), Aldi is kind of an expert in home coffee essentials. They just came out with an amazing Starbucks cold foam dupe that will totally change your mind about homemade coffee.

Instagram user @adventuresinaldi shared a picture of Aldi’s new cold foam, and we couldn’t be more excited about the two delicious-looking flavors.  

“My store finally got the cold foam!!!” they wrote. “Choose from mocha fudge or sweet vanilla!😍 I had to grab both! Which one is your fave?!”

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The Barissimo Coffee Barista Cold Foam is made with real cream and comes in Mocha Fudge or Sweet Vanilla. They are gluten free and come in aerosol containers like whipped cream, with their own distinct flavor.

Simply prepare your iced coffee at home, then spray this cold foam to the top. It’s that easy! You can enjoy a Starbucks-like pick-me-up from the comfort of your own home, which is perfect as we’re entering iced coffee season.

One person posted the cold foam on Reddit, confirming that it tastes just like Starbucks. “This is extremely similar to the topping they add to your coffee for cold brew at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks! It tastes great,” they wrote.

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